Total eclipse of the heart…


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As we all know by now, in the early morning hours today there was a blood moon…which is a lunar eclipse. Being the night owl that I am, I thought it was a brilliant idea to stay up for the entire thing from 1:00AM through the rest of the day. See, this morning, at 7:00AM, I had a mandatory orientation at my university to prepare for my transfer there next semester. This orientation was set to last until 5:00PM, and I still thought staying up all night to see the red moon was a good idea…and in hindsight I still am pleased with my decision because I got to see it. There is something so magical about being awake while the rest of the world around you is asleep. Having only the moon, my camera, and a cup of coffee to keep me company…it was totally worth every single second. For those of you who missed it, check out my pictures below, which came out pretty good but when it was in its red stage it was incredibly hard for me to get clearly for some reason. Also, you’re in luck! There are three more lunar eclipses set to happen in the next year with this October being the next one, April and September of 2015 being the others.

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely evening and enjoy the photos…I’m off to bed now! :DDSCN1391 DSCN1394 DSCN1449 DSCN1451 DSCN1458 DSCN1473 DSCN1486 DSCN1500 DSCN1501 DSCN1502 DSCN1525 DSCN1524

Shonda Rhimes is Wonder Woman!


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MV5BMjA0Njg3NTkwM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzgyNjQ3MDE@._V1_SX214_CR0,0,214,317_Shonda Rhimes is, without a doubt, the best thing to happen to TV since Nutella hit my toast! Everything she puts out grabs my full attention and hooks me like an anchor on the sea floor. She had me at ‘hello’ with the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy, 10 seasons ago, and I have followed her wherever her creative genius cares to travel ever since. With shows like Grey’s, Private Practice, and Scandal, which is about to wrap up its third season this coming Thursday, and is on fire, it’s proof that this lady knows how to write highly addictive dramas!

With both Grey’s and Scandal approaching their season finales, I got to thinking about Shonda’s career and what else she has done or will do in the future, which led me to look her up and what I found shocked me. I found out that she wrote and produced some movies that I absolutely loved! For example, the movie Crossroads with Britney Spears, which was totally adorable for all of you Britney haters, ;) was written by her as well as The Princess Diaries 2, which was completely cheesy but totally adorkable in it’s own right. I mean, those films were where I, like many others, fell in love with Anne Hathaway and who doesn’t love her? (SHHH! if you don’t! lol)

00027037She has done other things that I’ve never heard of also but her three hit prime time television shows are enough to earn her accolades, although I wish Private Practice hadn’t called it quits after only six seasons but I suppose it was time. I was sad to say goodbye to Addison (Kate Walsh), who I didn’t even care for when she was on Grey’s but then I totally fell for her on PP, and Charlotte (KaDee Stickland), sweet Charlotte. Haha! Sweet, not always but she definitely had her mama bear moments. That character gave tough girls everywhere a huge helping of pride every week because she resonated full on “girl power” with every look given, word spoken, and sashay strutted. I sure hope to see Strickland and Walsh back in the acting world soon.

MV5BMTUwMTQyMTIwMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjI1MzU2Nw@@._V1_SX640_SY720_Anyway, Shonda has been given flack for things she shouldn’t have said or done, but she’s also been praised for many other things on the flip side of that, however that is hardly my point. My point is that I love her shows and her cast choices so much. Some people may not dig these shows but I love, love, love ‘em and I know that I am not alone. I mean, Grey’s is so popular that it is just referred to by the short first word and everyone automatically knows what you mean, even folks who don’t even watch it, although after 10 seasons most people are thinking it should take its leave already. I can’t say that I am on board with that idea though, not yet anyway, although I do think it isn’t what it used to be, but that’s okay with me. It is a nice intro for Scandal, which is the big boss in this block now. I mean, Kerry Washington is superb as Olivia Pope and as herself! I can watch her and the gladiators steam up my screen any night of the week because that show is HOT! Nobody messes with Pope & Associates, especially since that lady sashay’s like the best of ‘em! She’s another Charlotte embodied in yet another beautiful leading lady.

So, my bottom line is this, whatever Shonda Rhimes is doing, it’s almost like she is weaving gold and I am salivating for more! If you’re not a fan, that’s cool, but if you are, here’s a virtual high five for liking awesome, kick-ass things! :)

I dedicate this post to my burrito…


Hey everyone, this is a post from my other blog site called Love & Lemonades. The idea for this site is to be strictly about my foodie life. I’ll be sharing recipes, restaurant reviews, and drool-worthy photos of everything I eat/cook in every post. I’ve grown to really love cooking and baking, which was a bit complicated in my old apartment BUT now that my kitchen is more functional, my foodie desires are about to expand in a big way! I’m looking forward to this new journey of yummy posts, so please check it out and pardon the silly burrito post, I’m just having a bit of fun as I get things started. I hope you’ll follow so that you can always know when I post a new tasty treat…let’s get eating! :D

Originally posted on LOVE & LEMONADES:

It wasn’t long ago that we first laid eyes on each other. You, all warm and wrapped snug within that foil coat…Me, with eyes bigger than my stomach and a salivating mouth. I knew we would be perfect together before you even noticed me, it was love at first thought for me. Things evolved quickly, once I had you in my hands. It was almost too much for me to wait, during my car ride home, to tear into those foil layers so that I could hold you and smell you and taste you. I started slowly, nibbling first at your tender corner, letting the soft doughy body caress my taste buds. It wasn’t enough though, I needed more and I needed it fast. So I took a bite, a rather big one, leaving a gaping hole in your body. Cilantro lime rice, black beans, and sour cream. Grilled chicken…

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Happy To Get Happier – Part Two


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After months of silence, dear readers, I am back in the saddle. Here to delight your minds with my wicked cool thoughts. Things have been a bit busy with spring semester about to wrap up in a few weeks and the hubby and I just moved to a new apartment, YAY!! So writing has kind of taken a backseat, and that totally bummed me out but it had to be done. Sometimes these things happen but luckily (hopefully) you are all still out there in the blogosphere, lying in wait to read what I have to say again. :D

If you read my previous post, (which I really hope you did) you know that this is a two part thing about increasing my inner happy-o-meter. So, because my last post was a bit serious and because I like to get silly quite often (could silliness ever be too often?), I figured that part two would be one of those fun randomized lists of things that have made my happy-o-meter go crazy with smiley-sunshiney-bliss lately…sooo, are ya ready? Good, let’s go! Be-Happy1. This song, which EVERYONE and their mother is listening to, and dancing to, and singing to, and clapping to…is one of the best things to hit the radio since peanut butter met chocolate and became a Reese’s. Pharrell is a fantabulous creature and he sure knows how to kick up his heels and have a good time, he’s even bold enough to wear a funky hat that oddly looks like it should have a face. Perhaps it should also sort him into Gryffindor? Anyway, here is a video for the song…and it’s not the original video because I think this one is much better. Mainly because the second reason for my happiness is heavily featured in it. :D

2. By now you know that my second reason for happiness are the MINIONS from Despicable Me, where the Pharrell song actually came from (the second movie). But I am sure you knew that unless you’ve been living under a rock and have missed one of the best adult kid movies ever! I mean, the minions are so popular that they are even getting their own feature film coming out next year, so that is some serious fame. They are also my absolute FAVORITE color! Could they be anymore awesome? (Did anyone else hear Chandler’s voice saying that?)

3. What could be happier then an app called Happier?! NOTHING! Not even a camel on hump day could be happier than this news. I’m telling you, if you haven’t heard of it…look it up and download it to your phone now! RIGHT NOW DAMMIT! I give you permission to leave my blog for a minute to do this, but you must return before getting swept up in all the happy over there. Promise me! Oh, and you’re welcome for the introduction. I think you and Happier are about to begin a beautiful friendship.

4. MY HUBBY AND I MOVED TO A NEW APARTMENT LAST WEEK!!!!!! This life event makes me want to dance in the street wearing an ugly brown hat and clapping along because I feel like a room without a roof!

5. As a huge, HUGE, HUGEEEEEE, 24 fan, I am literally jumping up and down with anticipation for the return of Jack Bauer to my television screen next month! 24: Live Another Day is set to premiere on May 5th on FOX. I will be sitting front and center, ready for Jack and Chloe to take over London and set my heart on fire once more. BRING IT ON BABY!!!! WOOHOO!!! 1965021_10152725126978265_4661840606796122529_n6. The other day, while watching my new favorite comedy, About A Boy, the main character, Will, gave the boy, Marcus, his iPod to listen to during a scary movie. Will told Marcus to play song 17 on repeat so that he wouldn’t be scared by what he was watching anymore. The song ended up being Mmmbop by Hanson and let me tell you…I was seriously psyched to hear it! What a rush of nostalgia that was, and plus, it’s still so super catchy in that “we were a cute boy band with long hair and we didn’t care because you’ll still listen and sing along to our songs no matter what” kind of way. I mean, I loved them and still do…saying it loud and proud, right here folks! (Click their name above to listen for yourself, you know you want to. DOOOOOOO ITTTT!!!!)

7. 5523453546_5ff0950e7f_oI am less then three weeks away from graduating with my A.A. degree and I finally got my acceptance to University to begin my Bachelor’s courses in summer term! My degree in English with a minor in Photography is another step closer and it’s total awesome sauce! I’m so excited to start this new chapter at my new school, PLUS I am going to officially be an FAU OWL!

8. I currently have a very high B in my speech class, I’m talking 1.7 points away from an A, and I need a C to pass the class. Things are going unexpectedly well with this course, even considering how public speaking makes me want to vomit. (Don’t stand too close!) I have one speech left and a final exam to take and I will be completely finished! CAN’T WAIT!!!

9. This year we are going to get a dog…I’ve waited patiently for three years in our last shit hole apartment because it was too cramped and had a weird stairs situation. But in our new place, on the ground floor, I am done waiting. This is my year and getting the puppy I’ve been dreaming of for so long will make me delirious with happiness!

10. My mom got us a GORGEOUS sofa for our new place…it’s chocolate brown and looks good enough to eat, but I’ll refrain. Eh, maybe just a nibble…

Well, that’s all folks…I have shared the happiest things from the past months and weeks and days and hours and minutes and seconds. I hope you all have been doing equally well in life and now that the saddle is good and oiled, I’ll be posting on a more regular basis again. Yay! Stayed tuned…happy_day_by_toolkit04-d4gtpng

Happy to get happier – Part One


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smile-frown-cupcakes_pan_20791Growing up, I had some issues where my extended family was concerned, mainly because there have been too many competitions between some of us, and comments given under the guise of love, to keep any of us truly close now that we’re adults. It created a shift early on in the balance of what we’re all taught families should be and it has brought me great sadness all too often. No one should ever make you feel that they love you with conditions attached. You shouldn’t have to be something else in order to have someone fully love you, we are not omnipotent and our worth is not measured by anyone but ourselves and any higher beings we believe in. Yet, even with the inappropriate comments and actions, we are still almost burdened by the family we are dealt at birth. I mean, of course I love my relatives but if you were to ask me if I truly like all of them, the answer would be a firm “no.” It isn’t that I feel any of us are bad people, because I honestly don’t, but there is a difference between being bad within and being bad for someone else and the latter is what some of my extended family are for me. They are like my kryptonite…which as we know was Superman’s weakness, it was a lethal thing to him. Some might say that this is a dramatic comparison, but I would argue that it is completely valid because how we feel emotionally, whether by our own diminishing thoughts or those put upon us by others, can be truly damaging to our overall health just like that krytopnite was for Superman.

So, where do we draw the line between our own happiness and these individuals that we love but who do not do us any good? That line gets really blurry for all of us and most choose to just grin and bear it, no matter the cost to their own personal well being, but should we? I am leaning toward no on that question because at thirty years old, I can’t fathom allowing happiness-draining people into my orbit any longer. It is just too damaging to my already self-abused psyche. I am hard enough on myself without having people who claim to love me adding any more pressure to the mix, so I have taken several steps back…hell, I have run a football fields length away from the negative energy emitted from these people and I am making strides every day toward the positive because that is where I need to be. I deserve to be surrounded by healing energies and sunshiney people…people who lift me up as I lift them, because life is not about competing for love and attention anymore, it is about competing with yourself to be the best version of you that you can be! 602404_524082970954722_1438769427_nSo, with that in mind, I have already begun my emotional well being transformation and I have the support of those that I deem worthy of my affection and time. People who give me the same love, respect, and appreciation that I give to them without holding me hostage in an unending battle for perfection. I will no longer take part in an invisible competition against others when we should all be loved and treated as equals without such bullshit.

While I do not feel that life is too short for anything, because it is literally the LONGEST THING WE ALL WILL EVER DO, I feel that time does get swallowed up way too quickly because we spend so much time dwelling on nonsense that doesn’t make us happy. That kind of waste makes us feel that our lives are too short, which causes bitterness and that in turn spreads to others and makes them miserable too. There are alternatives to using our time better like traveling, reading a good book, trying out new recipes, doing the crossword in bed with your significant other, playing with your pet or your kids, having a night out with friends, spending time with your family, taking a drive on a beautiful road…the point is not to focus on what we don’t have but to instead try to shift our thoughts so that we can enjoy what is already right in front of us. Our lives fly by so quickly, whether we are having fun or being a mope, so why not choose the light over the dark? Instead of getting bogged down by comparisons and jealousy over the lives of others, go out and find something that makes you smile. It burns more calories than frowning, which rocks, and it infects others, kind of causing a whole happiness epidemic, which the world needs more of anyway, don’t you think? happier_-600x300


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