Broadcast Your Essence

ipadmini768x1024Yesterday my favorite guru, Danielle LaPorte shared this gorgeous #truthbomb and I just fell in love with it, but I wasn’t quite sure how I’d go about following the message. Granted it can probably be taken however you want, as these things go, but the thing that rings true for us all is that it’s telling us to put our unique essences out into the world however we choose to do so.
And I dig it.

This morning, as I drove home from bringing my husband to work, I was catching up on Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Magic Lessons” podcast when my friend text me with one sentence that made me grin from ear to ear. It said, “We should have a podcast.” It wasn’t just that I was listening to a podcast at that exact moment that had me smiling, it was also because she was literally suggesting an idea that would BROADCAST our essence.

It was like she was in my mind this morning, hanging out having a cup of pumpkin spice coffee and flipping through my thoughts. Her timing was crazy cool and even though I’m not usually one to put myself completely out there in this way, I actually like the idea of creating a podcast with her. It would undoubtedly be fun, especially since I’ve always felt that our every conversation should be recorded, although every single episode might just amount to endless bouts of laughter. Haha!

Who knows if we’ll actually do it, but I’m putting it out there here and now that I’m interested in what we could do. So, thank you Danielle LaPorte for sharing your essence with us (AND for liking my post about this subject on Instagram earlier today.) And thank you Universe for plucking random thoughts right out of my mind yet again. You know how much I love sweet, sweet synchronicity.

Happy Friday, friends. Have a joyous weekend. 😀

The road to Fall is paved in magic

Over the past couple of years I have fallen head over heels in soul sister love with Gabby Bernstein and Danielle LaPorte, who I’ve written about numerous times. They are the lightworker gurus that make my heart go pitter patter, much like Elizabeth Gilbert does, but her work is a whole different kind of high, although it is equally as powerful.

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Gabby Bernstein at a local talk she gave (read more on that here). I also got to attend a talk given by Elizabeth Gilbert and sat only three rows away from her, which felt like I’d won some cosmic lottery. (I totally did and that post is here.) After the excitement of seeing two of my idols in the flesh, 2016 wrapped up with my graduation from college, a beautiful evening with my loved ones that we called Friendsgiving, and a night that introduced me to my very first (and hardly my last) ballet, which was oh so beautiful. It made me want to spend the rest of my days sitting in glamorous theaters watching pirouettes on pointe shoes. But I digress.

The reason why I am reflecting on the end of last year is because it has recently occurred to me that perhaps the end of the year is truly the most magical time for me. This year, funnily enough, is shaping up to be almost a mirror image of last Fall and I am beyond excited for what’s to come in the next few months…

  • October 14th – Book launch & signing with Gabby Bernstein.
  • October 15th & 16th – Hay House I Can Do It! Full two-day conference.
  • October 26th – ADELE in CONCERT!!!! FINALLY!!!!
  • November 11th – Danielle LaPorte talk followed by a book signing and hugs.
  • November /December ?? – Second annual Friendsgiving event.

So, do you have anything exciting to look forward to during the best time of the year?? I’ve got my UGG boots on already in an-ti-ci….PATION! 😉

The rise and fall of resolutions…

IMG_5046When 2016 began, I was filled with as many positive intentions as the next person, but I think that is the curse of the holiday itself. See, the problem is that although the world is busy making us all believe that this one day holds the promise of a massive renewal button being pushed at midnight, the reality is that it’s just another day in our lives. This is why most resolutions don’t stick and the whole thing is a model for failure.

That may sound negative, but I assure you I am not trying to squash any good intentions here. My point is more about the reality that we are free to press our own renewal buttons anytime, anywhere during the course of our lives. This one holiday should not be the beacon for change because that makes everything stagnant and life is constantly changing with the wind. So, why do we limit ourselves to this way of thinking?

Generally speaking, I believe that we do this because we are creatures of habit and such things feel “oh so right” with booze colored glasses on. We wake up on January 1st and feel really excited to get things right this year (even in spite of that pounding headache). This day is magical because we can clearly envision each thing on this list coming true by the next time we break out the champagne and noisemakers, thus having even more reasons to celebrate then. Nothing can possibly get in our way on that day. Our yearly resolutions live on and on…until that hangover subsides and we realize that the holidays are officially over and life is still the same.

Like everyone else, I made a big list of things to start and stop in 2016. I pinned it up right next to my vision board because that felt like the most logical place for it and I even dubbed 2016 my rose gold year. Yeah, I went big and fluffy this time around. I told myself that this would be my year to make big moves and leave the old, lifeless things behind. In many ways this has been true, but it wasn’t because of the holiday. No, the changes in my life are happening because that is the natural progression of life.

The good, the bad, and the oh so ugly happen regardless of our goals just like when people say “you’re never ready to have a baby” and you brush it off because you have a plan. Everyone has plans, but when we actually ask others how they’ve worked out, it is almost guaranteed that those plans have been altered along the way somehow. The only things we can actually control is how we behave in every single situation we’re in.

When resolutions don’t work out as we envision them, we end up feeling like the air has been let out of our tires. It can be soul crushing because, while more often than not our thoughts become things, sometimes that mantra is just a mantra. Resolutions are like that too. They are within our grasp 100% of the time, but we also can’t predict what life has in store for us. By limiting ourselves to a one time shot at renewal in every 365 day cycle, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Instead let’s grab a spoon and dig in today or tomorrow or any other day after that where we feel inspired to make a change and let’s release this heavy burden of only being able to renew ourselves once per year.

Happy new year, friends!

Write place, write time

IMG_0753A few years ago, while my grandmother was going through some of her things, she came across her old typewriter. When she saw it sitting there in its sturdy black case, unmoved and unloved for decades, she thought of me. When she gave it to me I was over the moon because, not only had I always wanted a vintage typewriter, but it was also a relic from my grandma’s youth. She told me that all writers should have a typewriter, even considering the technological advances of today. The slower moving pace of a typewriter allows for stories, or any other pieces of writing, to take their time entering the world and there’s something magical about that.

I’ve been in a major writing slump lately and tonight, in an effort to boost my creative mojo back to life, I took it out of the box, put it on my desk, and typed a bit on it just to see if the ink still worked. It’s faint as you can see from the picture above, but still entirely legible after all this time and I am just as in love with it today as I was when my grandma gave it to me. I was inspired to write about it after I showed my friend a picture earlier tonight because she mentioned that I could probably sell it down the road for a nice amount money. Prior to that conversation I had honestly never even thought about selling it and thinking of it now, I am just as resolute in my decision not to ever part with it. While I’m sure someone out there would love to get their hands on these pretty keys, I just feel that some things are worth more than money could ever buy and this is one of those things.

This typewriter is a small piece of history from the life and times of my grandma before she was a mother or a grandmother. Back before she was anyone other than a young girl who knew the value of sitting in her bedroom typing letters to keep in touch with her loved ones. Today we have websites like Facebook, Instagram, and even blogging sites like this one to keep in touch with others, but back then communication was different. It was an era that moved a bit slower and appreciated life in different ways than we do now, but this typewriter isn’t just a sentimental object to me. It’s also a symbol that encourages me to keep writing, no matter what happens or how good my work ends up being, because I believe that each generation should leave their mark on things in any way they can. It’s always the write time to use our voices for the things that matter to us most.


Oy with the poodles already! Gilmore Girls is coming back!

MTMzODQzNzA3NDgzOTUzNjMwSixteen years ago my mom and I sat down together to watch a new show called Gilmore Girls. It was about a mother and daughter who were best friends, which sounded fantasy-like even considering how close my mom and I are, but it completely worked. From the theme song to the crazy shenanigans going on in Stars Hollow, we fell in love. For seven years we laughed when they laughed and cried when they cried; the Gilmores felt like an extension of our own family. So when the show ended with so many questions left dangling in the wind unanswered, it felt unfathomable.

For nine years we have wanted to know what happened next. What happened after Rory turned down Logan’s marriage proposal and left to follow the presidential campaign trail as a newbie journalist? Did Luke and Lorelai finally get married? And what about those hilarious Friday night dinners with Richard and Emily? Did Lorelai continue to go in Rory’s absence? These are just the tip of the iceberg where our questions are concerned because the possibilities are endless. So much was left up to our imaginations and the lack of closure hurt.

On Friday fans all over the world rejoiced as we finally received the news that we’ve been waiting for: Gilmore Girls is coming back! After following the rumors swirling around the internet for months and getting our hopes up for the possibility of a revival, Netflix swooped in like Superman and had fangirls (and guys) jumping around like caffeinated lunatics. Netflix confirmed that there will be four new 90-minute episodes coming and that much of the original cast will be reprising their roles. It took them nine long years to figure this out, but regardless of the time, we’re so excited!

Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson, and Kelly Bishop are all returning. There isn’t word on who else will be coming back yet and sadly, since Edward Herrmann died in 2014, the character of Emily Gilmore will now be a widow on the show because Herrmann is irreplaceable. Also, as of now Melissa McCarthy will not be returning because she apparently wasn’t asked to, but the show’s creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino has since expressed her openness to having Sookie come back in any capacity she can. I suppose after all this time anything could happen right? My fingers are crossed, but regardless of McCarthy’s return, I adore her and will always be a fan of everything she does.

While there are some naysayers out there over the show’s predicted success and the uncertainty of who else will be returning, my mom and I could not be more thrilled! (That felt like a Chandler Bing sentence. Ha! Another reunion I need in my life!) This is everything we have waited for, even if the episodes end up with those four characters sitting at Luke’s bickering while drinking copious amounts of coffee and eating mile high stacks of pancakes, we’d be GOOOOOOOOOOD! Where the Gilmores lead, we will follow. Anywhere. Are you ready?

In Pursuit of Magic

11910458_1485378118459165_1850452787_nHave you ever come across something that has completely knocked you off your feet and made you sit up and say, “WOW!”? It can be anything: a book or a quote, a photograph or a piece of art,  or even witnessing an intimate moment between two people that you just happened to notice while the rest of the world hustled by unaware. I believe everything that inspires us is a direct communication from the universe and these little nuggets of magic become part of our own histories, even though we may not be involved in the origin of any of it. By simply being a witness to such things, the fabric of our lives are forever altered.

I’ve been finding inspiration like this in massive spoonfuls lately, especially after reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic. One chapter in particular stood out in regard to the subject of synchronicity where she wrote about a moment in her life where her writing was concerned. I found it to be so in tune with where my mind has been in recent months and I recently wrote a post about the power of synchronicity HERE, which might tickle your fancy. But I digress. As I quickly devoured Big Magic, I felt the inspiration walking across every inch of my skin as so much of it resonated with my life. This section was about her friendship with fellow author, Ann Patchett and how synchronicity played a significant role in their union. They met during a panel talk they were involved in and immediately Liz fell in love with Ann’s spirit as she spoke. An instant bond was made and because neither of them care for talking on the phone, even considering that they live far apart, they instead decided to become pen pals. Handwritten paper and ink letters in the 21st century, how cool is that? In my mind these letters are similar to ones from Jane Austen novels with all the whimsy and romance of old school beauty, which may be bonkers, but a girl can dream right? 😉

Anyway, prior to meeting Ann, Liz was struggling to develop an idea for a novel about a woman lost in the Amazon. It was an idea filled with adventure and danger and chaos, but above all, it was a love story. Unfortunately, because she took too long to write it due to unexpected life events, it left her. It essentially felt free to move on to someone else who would give it the attention it demanded. Here’s the cool part: a while later, during one of their visits, Ann mentioned a new novel she was writing and it turned out that it was Liz’s story, with her own spin of course, but the similarity was undeniable. Ann said that she got the inspiration for it right after they met and Liz believes it was transferred when they hugged that day. I know, you probably think this all sounds a bit “woo-woo,” but I think it’s crazy beautiful big magic! This story gave me chills and I am just the reader, I can’t even imagine how they felt, but it must have been a profound moment. This made me realize something about my own writing, in particular a novel concept that I’ve been toying with for years, and I realized that this is perhaps why it feels so difficult to write. That particular story has clearly moved on to someone who is better equipped to write it and I’m 100% okay with that. Big Magic gave me new inspiration and I am excited to see where it takes me.

“Inspiration is allowed to do whatever it wants to, in fact, and it is never obliged to justify its motives to any of us. (As far as I’m concerned, we’re lucky that inspiration talks to us at all; it’s too much to ask that it also explain itself.) In the end, it’s all just violets trying to come to light…

Work with all of your heart, because — I promise–if you show up for your work day after day after day after day, you just might get lucky enough some random morning to burst right into bloom…

Defending yourself as a creative person begins by defining yourself. It begins when you declare your intent. Stand up tall and say it aloud, whatever it is.”
– Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

*Stands up tall, clears throat, and speaks*


Friday Night Dinner at Farmer’s Table

11856826_1615218198728188_540039724_nRestaurant: Farmer’s Table

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Price Range: Moderate to Expensive

Food Type: “Our farm-to-table menus are seasonally inspired and globally influenced, so you can enjoy the very cleanest ingredients—simply prepared—for every meal of the day.”


Fig & Froth – Bulleit rye whiskey / rosemary infusion / fig jam / honey-lemon sour / orange cream citrate / organic egg white $12

Seville Sangria – red wine / Licor 43 / citrus wheels / seasonal berries / vanilla & thyme / raw cane sugar $12

Room Key – Grand Marnier / hot brewed coffee / brown sugar syrup / whipped cream $12

Irish Latte – espresso / hot milk / steamed milk foam / shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream $15


Hoppin’ John’s Hummus (vegetarian) – served with herbed pita and carrot sticks $9

Cauliflower & Brie Flatbread (vegetarian) – fig jam and chopped arugula $12


Yellowfin Tuna “Fillet Mignon” (gluten-free) – seared and sushi rare / coconut rice / black beans / chayote squash salsa / cilantro lime vinaigrette $28

Grass-Fed Beef Burger – fig and caramelized onion marmalade / brioche bun / Gruyere cheese $17

Center Cut Duroc Pork Chop (gluten-free) – warm potato and Brussels sprouts salad / honey baked sweet potato / fig and grain mustard demi glace $21


Opera Cake (vegan) – light coffee buttercream / moist chocolate cake / creamy ganache filling / housemade dairy-free ice cream $10

Berry Lemon Trifle – creamy and light lemon curd / vanilla cake / berries / vanilla custard $9


A few months ago my mom discovered this amazing restaurant when she was looking for a place to take her friend for brunch. They had such a great time that she took me the very next week and I fell in love with Farmer’s Table too. It’s impossible not to be immediately taken by the charming and rustic feel of the place. They have gardens out front in wooden boxes and when you walk up to the front doors you see the quaint little bench and adorable sign with the restaurant’s name on it (see picture above). They have cozy seating in both booths and tables with chairs, some of their boots even swing a bit. In the back of the restaurant they have a courtyard that is attached to the Wyndham Hotel and there are more tables set up for outdoor dining.

The menu is the best part of this newest treasure to Boca Raton though. Everything on it is a clean-eating fantasy and there are tons of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options to choose from. That alone is a rare find for this caliber of food, so it’s no wonder this place is steadily filling seats from morning til night. Every time my mom and I have been to Farmer’s Table, we have only gone for the brunch, but this time we wanted to try the dinner menu. Based on all of the food and drinks I listed above, it probably looks like my mom and I went a bit insane with munchies overload, but we had our lovely friends, Megan and Patti with us too to help us chow down. Haha! The night was great from our quickly emptied plates to the company and I look forward to going back over and over again to eventually try their entire menu. If you live in the area or are planning a visit to this part of the sunshine state, definitely check this place out.

– Your faithful foodie in south Florida…
eating, drinking, and being merry wherever my taste buds take me.
Stay hungry my friends. xo


Paris on my mind…

[Artis: Jean Jullien]

[Artist: Jean Jullien]

My thoughts are far too messy right now to adequately express how I feel about the terrorist attacks in Paris yesterday, but I wanted to post something to send my love to everyone affected by this tragedy. When my own words fail to present themselves to me, I turn to others for inspiration and I felt that this poem, by one of my favorite poets, was the perfect way to express the general vibe in the world today…

“I’m sorry for the gunshots, the bullets, the pain.
I’m sorry for the blood that won’t wash out with the rain.
I’m sorry for the bombs, the explosions, the tears.
I’m sorry for those that take pride in our fears.
I’m sorry to the world we keep scarring with our hate,
I’m sorry for those who think it’s too late.
I’m sorry for the chaos, the confusion, the madness.
I’m sorry for the mornings stained with fresh sadness.
I’m sorry for the terror, the darkness, the night.
I’m thankful for all those, who still chase the light.”
Tyler Knott Gregson

Let us all continue to chase the light – united in spirit and in love. You’re always on my mind, World. xo

The Battle of the Cups: Starbucks vs Dunkin’ Donuts

11379831_852779461506368_424348374_nIn the off chance that you missed the social media insanity this week, there is a war going on right now between the two rival coffee companies, and the coffee battle is only getting warmed up. Earlier this month, Starbucks unveiled their holiday red cup, something that customers wait all year for because it means that the beloved holiday drinks will be back as well. The difference with this year’s cup unveiling and previous years is that the cups are, in fact, red. That’s all they are. The green siren is front and center, per usual, and the cup that once upon a time had holiday designs like snowflakes, ornaments, and trees are now shining bright in their simplistic red bodies. This design has sparked the biggest debate since the dresses were white or blue and people are furious about it. The red cup of 2015 has sparked a movement by Christian folks who feel that Starbucks has waged a war on Christmas.

The thing that baffles me the most is that Starbucks also puts out numerous holiday mugs and cold cups, advent calendars, Christmas ornaments, and teddy bears (this year’s are dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus) every single year. The stores are also decorated in the cheerful colors of the season. Even the cardboard koozies that go around the hot cups as well as the plastic cold cups have a snowflake design surrounding the siren, but everyone seems to have missed this stuff in their blind rage over something that is, quite frankly, the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard. The cups are even being called “satan sippers,” which takes the whole thing even further into insanity.

dunkin-donutsThen, in an ever classy move on Dunkin’ Donuts part, they figured why not take this opportunity to add some fuel to the fire. So, they have just released their newest styrofoam (seriously?) holiday cups that say the word “Joy” in red on them surrounded by a green wreath-like design. While this is probably going to get them some added business during this cup war, what they have produced here honestly looks more like an ugly Christmas sweater than it does a festive coffee container. Plus it is made out of terrible materials when we clearly know that by now, in 2015, styrofoam cups are just completely unnecessary. But I digress.

When did the celebration of Christmas become the responsibility of a coffee company? Why does a red and green cup symbolize someones faith in Jesus? What Starbucks did with their plain red cup was open up the season to all holidays during this time of year, not just Christmas, because guess what? Other faiths patronize their establishment too and what is more progressive for 2015 than being all-inclusive, right? Not only is this concept inspirational, it is also a strategic business decision and unfortunately for all the haters out there, I’m betting my money on Starbucks gaining some new customers of diverse faiths who get to feel included for once.


So, you clearly know where I stand on this whole thing (especially since I am a proud gold card member), but I want to know where you stand. Are you a pro red cup, pro white joy cup, or do you just want to continue enjoying your coffee (or tea and hot cocoa) in peace from either place, or from home? Regardless of your position, I’d love to know your views on this. Join the conversation in the comments below. 🙂

Episode 228: The One with the List

162302-Happy-Friday-Stay-CoolHey there, WordPressers! Happy Friday to ya! I hope this post finds you all doing well as we gear up for another weekend. It occurred to me that it’s been a really long time since I did a random list type of post where I can dump all of the gobbledygook in my mad, mad mind right here for your reading pleasure. Sooooo, what better day to put together something fun and light than a Friday, right? Plus this dog to my left totally looks like my stepdad and that’s awesome sauce. Ha!

Here we go yo…

  1. A few weeks ago, while out to dinner with my friend, she mentioned how she recently rejoined an app called Happier that we both used to use. In the beginning it felt like such a good place to be. The vibes were positive – which I loved – and the aesthetic was great. Then they became too big for their breeches and started changing things with the layout and I. HATE. IT. As a visual person, this was a huge issue for me. But I digress. The other thing that I began to notice after following people for a while was that there was a lot of forced happiness going on. Basically it read like a feed of lies with some authentic truths sprinkled in. Granted I know that social media tends to be this way and it’s super difficult to weed out the sugar from the salt anywhere, but on the Happier table I really don’t dig that. The idea of “fake it til you make it” is cool and all but how long do you do it? At least on sites like Instagram (where the layout is pretty), I can post motivational and happy stuff, coffee and food pictures, selfies, jokes, etc. with a community that knows that at least half of the crap on the site isn’t factual with filters and such, but the vibe is somehow more authentic to me. I guess in my world Insta is the new orange. However, I am happy that Happier makes my friend happy. That’s all that matters.

2. tumblr_lywslpX6Ol1rn51bno1_500

3. Podcasts are the most amazing things since sliced bread! I have about five posts in draft mode on various shows I am currently obsessed with. Stay tuned. 😀

4. I met Gabby Bernstein this week and it was totally surreal. (read my post about it here.) The whole time she was standing in front of me I kept thinking, “those shoes are so pretty and I wonder how long it takes her to get her hair perfectly wavy like that.” The mind boggles!

5. Trader Joe’s continues to pull me into their web with every breath we take. A few weeks ago I bought a tin called Trois Chocolats and it has three bags inside of different drinking chocolates (that’s fancy speak for hot cocoa). The flavors are winter spice, espresso, and salted caramel…they are total game changers and I encourage all of you to run, don’t walk (I drove), to your nearest TJ’s and buy these up so that they keep stocking them! AMAZING!

6. What is the deal with smoothie bowls? Seriously, can someone tell me. Why do I want my drink, that used to be convenient for on-the-go breakfasting, put into a bowl where I have to now eat it like a cold soup? Ain’t nobody got time for that!


7. *le sigh* They are really pretty though.

8. I recently overheard someone telling a story about a woman who he referred to as “the only daughter” in the family. This got me thinking, “Hey, I’m the only daughter in my family too! I’m also the only son, because gender neutrality is super important!” #keepingthingscurrent

9. 11010600_10204650116667934_3654237949949970979_n

10. The other day I was listening to a podcast and the interviewer asked the guest whether she preferred dark chocolate or milk chocolate. This got me thinking…if dark chocolate is the closest thing to the cacao bean, wouldn’t that just make it chocolate? The milk stuff is full of milk to make it creamier. The white stuff isn’t even chocolate. So, do you prefer chocolate or the other stuff?

11. Speaking of chocolate…I saw this adorable video from Bon Appetit of these kids being given the good quality “fancy” chocolate and their reactions were absolutely hilarious (especially the cutest kids – spiderman and the little Oshkosh boy). Watch here:

12. Writer’s Digest posted this a few weeks ago on their Facebook page: “Finish the statement: I am a writer because…” As a writer, I found this to be such a problematic question to answer because it’s not something one chooses to be. Rather we are born with the innate need to create, artists in any form are born with this need to create. So I skimmed through the replies and there were a ton that said typical things like, “because I have a story to tell” or “because I think what I have to say can benefit others” or my personal favorite (please note the sarcasm) “because I was born with a God given talent and I can’t deny it. I must share my gift with the world.” This all got me thinking about what it takes to be a writer (because being published does not a writer make), and I’d like to know: do you have to be arrogant in order to be a successful writer?

13. And one more for the road…