Wishing and Hoping…

Do you ever wish you could be someone else? Even if it is only for a day or even an hour?
I do. Today I wish to be the Editor In Chief of a glossy magazine such as Cosmopolitan. I wish to roam the busy streets of New York and have people move out of my way as I approach them, because let’s face it, they know who I am. I wish to be given countless designer items because said designer hopes I will think his product worthy enough for my magazine. I wish to have not one, but two assistants to care for minute details that I cannot be bothered with and who are envious of my perfectly coifed hair, heartbreakingly beautiful clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories and of my job title but are so petrified by my presence they fall all over themselves to please me. I wish to be the queen of that world and be coveted by all, today that is.

Tomorrow I may wish to be Ellen DeGeneres….


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