“The One with the Freebie List”

In the third season of Friends, back in 1996, there is an episode titled “The one with Frank Jr.” and this episode is the inspiration for this post.

In this episode the gang discusses who their five freebies would be. By freebies I mean, five celebrities you would want to sleep with should the opportunity ever present itself. It does not matter what your marital status is at the time and your partner cannot get upset, because in essence this is not cheating. In the episode, Ross types his list up and has it laminated. He ends up booting Isabella Rossellini off the list in favor of someone closer to home because Chandler says that Isabella is too “international” so the likelihood of him ever running into her is slim. Later in the episode, while they are all sitting in their usual cozy seats at Central Perk, Isabella Rossellini walks in and so of course, Ross approaches her and explains the situation about her being on his list. She asks to see it and he tells her that he booted her off because of the chance of meeting her being slim but that he is still in the revision stages. She then points out that his list is laminated which in turn means it is the finalized product and tells him that it is ironic because she has a list of five geeky coffee house guys she would want to sleep with and she just booted Ross in favor of another. If you are a fan of the show, which clearly, I am, you will understand the humor here…otherwise, where were you for the 10 years Friends ruled television? Living under a rock?!

Moving on to my point….As I was much younger when I saw this episode the idea did not perk much interest at the time. Now years later at the age of 26 I have seen every episode dozens of times, the idea that was once just something to laugh at has become something I actually find myself pondering. I do not think about it because I feel it will happen, it is more the fun of having the list that appeals to me. I have spread the idea recently to my friend Nicole and she is now selecting her five too. So this is my idea, and I know it was a long journey to this point in this post but here it is:

I want you, whoever you are, to come up with your five freebies and if you want to share them…leave them in a 
comment right here. If not, at least the idea is out there. I will be back at some point to share my finalized list…because according to Nicole, I seem to have a sickness where I continuously add every hot celebrity I swoon over…Haha!

Have fun!!


2 thoughts on ““The One with the Freebie List”

  1. idamichelle82 says:

    Just name your five freebies for 2012…bahaha…Hmmm, I know Mr. Edward Cullen (aka, Rob Pattinson) and Scott Michael Foster would definitely make my list. 🙂


    • Krystal Rose says:

      Haha, I don’t think the year was a requirement in choosing freebies, but by all means. It can be changed up whenever you wish, unless it is laminated like Ross chose to do to his. My number one will always be Johnny Depp. The other four change constantly.


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