Flight of fancy…

I want to be a flying trapeze performer for a huge circus full of exotic delights. Darkly twisted, yet soft and beautiful…life would be exciting and dangerous, but it would be living. Really living.

Currently I am sitting at a beige desk in a cube with blue carpet-like walls underneath a constant stream of florescent light. They flicker with impatience…waiting, desperately, for the day to end so that they can be put to rest. All around me are noises that rattle my brain and render me useless. Fake nails…tap, tap, tapping the keys on a keyboard. Constant chatter coming from all directions of the office. It all meshes into a cacophony of mind-numbing frustration. Oh my poor ears! I seek solitude in the file room but find no peace, anywhere. The toxicity of my environment literally chokes the happiness from me. Holding it hostage until 5 0’clock when the barn doors open and the cattle are free to roam greener pastures once more.

Oh, how I long for the circus… *sigh*


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