A journey in photography, for a beginner

If I were given a dollar for every instance where I heard someone say, “Oh I want to be a Photographer when I grow up” or “I am an aspiring Photographer” or “I am a free-lance Photographer” or, well, you get the point…I’d be rich! Being a Photographer in today’s world has become, for lack of a better word, trendy. With an app like Instagr.am, for example, on your mobile devices (which are all currently of the iVariety, sorry Android users), it has become easier than ever to snap, snap, snap wherever and whenever your little heart desires. Since I got my beloved iPhone, I have fallen head-over-heels in love with the various photography and/or editing apps at my fingertips, many of which make us wannabe-photographers feel like we are quite talented. Some of my favorites aside from Instagr.am are Fotolr PS, ColorSplash and Diptic. Even with all of these amazing new ways to get into the ever elusive “Photographers Club”, I wonder, what do the professionals think of all this? Are these new apps a real threat to their profession or just something fun for us techies to play with?

Either way, fun is fun and I think that when such fun turns into a real interest it can be pretty magical. So, with that in mind, I wanted to share some “beginner” pictures I snapped this past weekend with my new Nikon CoolPix P500 that my parents bought me for Christmas. I am in no way a professional by any means, and I have a long road ahead of me here, but I am definitely on that road. It is stretched out in front of me, glittering in the sun and I am excited for the journey!

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