Lip Butter…the unattainable get?

Revlon is not a brand that I normally purchase my beauty products from, I am more of a Sephora girl truth be told. I prefer the higher quality products now that I am old enough to afford to be choosey, and it is not because I am a snob. Not at all. The truth is, I have tried the make-up brands that are sold at drugstores and chains like Target but have never truly fallen in love with any of them. I also have very sensitive skin and found that brands like Cover Girl, Revlon and Maybelline are too heavy and oily for me, despite what they claim on the package. In high school I began using Clinique products and immediately saw a change in my complexion (which thankfully has always been pretty blemish free anyway) so, I ditched the cheap stuff, permanently. Since then, I have evolved from liquid and powder foundations to mineral ones and have never looked back. There is honestly nothing quite like mineral makeup in my opinion, my favorite being Bare Escentuals. Throughout the years I have dabbled with various brands from MAC to Lancome with varying results. MAC and Clinique for their eyeshadow, one for when I prefer a dramatic explosion of color and the latter for everyday, flattering shades. Fresh for my ultimate obsession, it is the mascara of my dreams, one I would literally hold a candlelight vigil for should it ever be taken off the market. Yes, it is that fabulous, and believe me, I have tried more brands than I can count before ranking this one so highly. My favorite blushers also come back to Clinique and MAC as well as a new favorite, Chanel. Clinique offers a powder that I love called Sunset Glow, Chanel has a pretty pink beauty appropriately named In Love and MAC discontinued my favorite color of cream blush a few years ago (no vigil was held for that one however 😉 ). All that being said, I fear I have gotten quite lost in my makeup lusting here that I am not getting to my original point for this post. Hee Hee 🙂

Recently, Revlon introduced what they are calling Lip Butter and one of my favorite actresses, Emma Stone, has become their model for this line. I know that I am falling prey to the marketing team at Revlon by going out to buy something because someone famous says to, but hey, I am a sucker for this redhead and she makes it look so gosh darn good! The problem is though, no stores in my general area even have it in stock yet. *Cries out in frustration* I have gone to Publix, Target and CVS with employees literally having no idea what I am asking for [enter blank expressions here]. So, I am feeling a bit confused now. Why can Emma have it but not me, the girl who doesn’t have her own commercial?

Grr! My lips need the butter guys! Come on Revlon! Give it to me baby! Uh huh, uh huh! Cause all the girls say I’m pretty fly for a white…wait a minute! Getting off track again. Oops! Seriously, Revlon, if you’re listening, er reading, please Please PLEASE bring your Emma Stone Lip Butter to a store near me! 😀

Signed, a promised, from here on out, fan of your stuff! *pinky swear*

I finally found the lip butter and I love it! 😀



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