Home is where your heart is…

It is Saturday night and I am at home, snuggled up on the couch with my trusty Mac, a steaming cup of Tazo tea and some Netflix movies. Some people would think that staying home on a weekend would be the worst kind of torture you could inflict upon yourself. For me, however, it doesn’t really feel like any other day. That could be because I don’t currently work but, I am a full-time student so that takes up quite a bit of my time. Even so, I am still dutifully looking for a job to fill in the space where school obligations and personal frivolities don’t yet have a claim because I like to be productive. Having said that, I am content with my situation, in fact I am delighted with it. Going back to school has already proven to be the best decision for me at this juncture in my life, where I am finally old enough to sit down and calm that indecisive portion of my brain that has been running marathons since graduating high school. The part that has been restless and confused about what path I should take in my career, and pretty much every other decision along the way. It has taken me years to realize that my happiness is more important than a paycheck. I would rather be a vagabond, for example, staying in hostels and traveling on the cheap all over than be without experiences that would add such value and enrichment to my life, so to speak. Not that I have even remotely bitten that particular bullet (to travel aimlessly) yet. The possibilities are endless though, this I am sure. No matter what people think, no one truly knows how another person will get on in life because we all have a unique path, and mine is refreshed. I have hit the recharge button and am now catapulting through endless, and exciting possibilities.

So, here I sit, on a Saturday night, typing on my WordPress blog about life’s endless possibilities, and I am belting out ‘N Sync’s ‘I want you back’, a song of course, that came out when I was much younger. I still know every word though, even every whiny tone Justin Timberlake sang, and I recall how I used to pretend to sing just like him, ah hell, I am doing that now too, truth be told! 😀 Yep! I am that girl, and am damn proud of it! I will be a fan until I am all wrinkly skinned and rocking on my front porch waiting for my grandkids to visit and teach me their music.

Life is sweet and I am a prisoner of the optimism cloud that has invited me to sit atop it’s fluffy layers. I am enjoying the ride. Lately I have had a project buzz, a high really that was inspired by one of my classes that I am currently taking. It has inspired me to begin projects and to reach goals in different and creative ways. For example, with my new tri-pod I have sort of created a makeshift photo studio in my living room to photograph, well, shit, I don’t quite know yet! BUT, I am excited about it! Next to that I have put a pretty bulky (given the allotted space) exercise machine because I need to move, I am itching to flex my muscles and let out my pent up energy, perhaps at 2am in the safety of my own home while watching General Hospital (Yes, I am that girl too). It was either that or buy a dog, which I desperately want but can’t have yet because that investment just doesn’t fit into our lifestyle at present 😦 sadly enough. In other areas, I have recently moved our bed around and created a miniature office in front of our closet, only to get frustrated and end up moving my computer out to the coffee table, abandoning my pretty desk and cabinetry with all of my pretty office-y stuff, that has now become a shelf for my “outfits” as I plan them. Hehe In the bathroom we put up a fancy schmancy shelf unit above the toilet, one that required the removal of some more fixtures that came with our place (prior we removed our bathroom door because it hit the toilet, and I like to do my business with the freedom of air..eek! Sorry for the imagery, but it is a common practice nonetheless so, I guess, deal with it). In the kitchen I dismantled the stove top and pulled out all of the burners because, well, they caught on fire when I forgot about my tomato soup I had heating up and it overflowed. I am normally not such a forgetful individual, and I am a pretty good cook too, honest! I just have the re-decorating and project starting bug fired up in my veins, is all. My fiance is a saint for putting up with the projects that I am erecting all over our 700 sq ft apartment. Haha! I keep promising him though, that it will all pay off at some point, soon-ish. He just grins and nods his head knowingly, clearly not believing a word of it but loving me all the same. For this I am grateful, and a bit giddy because I have snagged a great one. If you are like me, and have such a guy, then you understand how wonderful they are and if you’re not privy to that kind of man, well, dammit, YOU SHOULD BE! It’s what every girl deserves!

Anyway, I have a couple of really exciting weeks ahead of me with: a bridal shower, a concert and a wedding…couldn’t be more excited, unless I had several shots of espresso in my system. Anyway, I am heading to bed now, the rambling has gone on long enough I’d say. Maybe too long, but it happens to the best of us. Goodnight blogger-land!


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