Engaged…All official-like

So, for Valentine’s Day we went to Jared, yes the ever clichéd gallery of jewelry! Haha! Anyway, being the unconventional gal that I am with an equally unconventional beau, we had my finger fitted for a special ring, you know, that desired one on the left hand? Now, the unconventional part is in the ring. It is an eternity band. The so-called “engagement ring” will come when we wed, because that is how we think it should be done. So, this means that he is no longer my beau, but now my fiancé, on a more “official” basis, since no one seems to believe such things without the ring on hand. The way I see it though, I’d marry Matthew Levy with a twisty tie from a loaf of bread. That is sufficient to me, because our promises to one another are all that matter. I don’t have to do that though, my ring will be ready hopefully by weeks end, so thank you to my lover face for the best Valentine’s gift ever! Oh, that and fifteen new (to me) books from our used book shop ventures this week! I am a happy, happy girl! =)


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