Singing and crying seem to go hand-in-hand

Last night I went to the Kelly Clarkson concert at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL with my mom and to say it was amazing would be an understatement! This was my second time seeing K.C. live, and I didn’t think she could be better than that first time seeing her. Well, she was! Being my favorite singer next to Adele makes my opinion of her quite high so if you’re not a fan you probably won’t gain much from this post. Not that there is much to offer other than me promoting her to the online world, as if she needs the added publicity. 😉 The reason she is my favorite singer, and has been since she won the first season of Idol, ten years ago, is because her voice literally brings tears to my eyes with the power of it. Her songs grab your attention with the musical/vocal values and hold that attention with the lyrics. [Example of just one empowering song] Every girl can relate to one or all of her songs at some point in her life and given the “sold out” status of last night’s concert, half of which were men, it is evident that not only us gals are on the K.C. bandwagon.

So, anyway, on Christmas morning, upon opening the box that the tickets were in I cried like a baby. Tonight, in person, was no different. I was a blubbering fool. Hehe What can I say? The girl inspires me and touches my heart. The only other person in music that has such an affect on me is Adele, and I mean, come on. Who doesn’t love that lovely British lady?

Below is a video I recorded of some of the show, although the visual aspect of it is total garbage, the music sounds decent for a cell phone recording. It is one of her newer songs that was a duet with country star, Jason Aldean. 😀

We had pretty good seats. Saw her a lot clearer than my phone did obviously. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Singing and crying seem to go hand-in-hand

  1. Jenera says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who still cries when it comes to music. I have always liked Kelly Clarkson too because her music seemed real and had that quality that seems to be lacking these days. And Adele is oh so fabulous as well!


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