Having “The Voice”…and all the arrogance that follows

I am not much of a ‘Reality TV’ type of gal, but I do admit, I am a sucker for the singing and dancing shows (minus Dancing with the Stars, which I find unbearable). As the new seasons of shows like American Idol and The Voice begin their audition rounds and move into their first weeks of the actual competition, we see the judges at their best and their worst. The best, for example, being last week when Steven Tyler decided to take a dip in the pool surrounding their stage, and the worst being Christina Aguilera’s big mouth flapping in the wind over the rest of the judges on the panel. Now, I don’t mean to hate on Xtina, as she goes by these days, but I am just so disappointed in her as of late. Since the days of Genie in a Bottle and her immediate rise to stardom I have been a fan, a big fan. I mean, let’s be real, the girl can sing the phone book and make your fingers itch to dial any number that comes out of her mouth. Whether she is your cup of tea, so to speak, or not, there is no denying the talent she possesses. Likewise, there is also no denying her horrible personality ever since she was said to be “one of the best voices of our generation”. It was like, as soon as she heard that her head filled with helium and she’s been floating on her high horse ever since. I love you Christina, but seriously? Have some class, woman! On The Voice this season, which is only into its fifth or sixth episode so far, I already want to climb into my television and smack her around a bit. She never lets anyone speak, most of all Adam, and I am really over hearing her say, “I’ve been doing this since I was 4 years old”! WE KNOW! And really, who cares? Not me! What I do care about, as a viewer of the show, is the four coach dynamic, where they ALL get to partake in critiquing the talent chosen, and of course, the talent itself. Unfortunately though, it is more the Christina Aguilera hour, or rather, three hours since the episodes thus far have been incredibly lengthy, than anything else.

It seems that after Burlesque hit theaters, and people got to see the sweet and innocent role of Ali, who looks like the same Christina from the Genie in a Bottle days, she has purchased a ticket on the ego train and won’t get off. I mean, it’s not like her career was suffering by any means, what with her being gorgeous and having a voice that could start car engines with its power, she has no reason to be a horrible person, but alas, it’s happening, and fast! I literally watch Burlesque whenever I want to remember how sweet she can be, even though it was acting, I believe at one point she truly was a small town farm girl type. I have hope! Hope that the real Christina will please stand up and kick her own ass until she finds that charming girl once more. Even with my distaste of her being ever present, I still love her voice, so I guess, that’s something, right?

**As a somewhat off-topic but still on-topic end note, whenever the show puts Cee Lo on the screen, holding his cat, it is pure magic! So hilarious! It reminds me of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. Haha!** πŸ˜‰


18 thoughts on “Having “The Voice”…and all the arrogance that follows

  1. freshcutcountry says:

    I follow the voice hashtag the entire time I watch the show and it seems like a lot of people are annoyed by xtina. I haven’t really noticed because the voice is so much friendlier and calmer than american idol. I totally avoid american idol during the auditions because I can’t handle the confrontation and mean-ness. She (xtina) does talk about her beloved vocals a lot but still its so much better than Simon!


  2. Wes B. says:

    I’m a sucker for a good reality television competition. My favorite shows include America’s Got Talent, The X Factor, and the Voice. The Voice brings something entirely new to the table in my opinion. Instead of judging based on everything with a singer, they start off judging the vocal ability only.

    Adam Levine is my favorite coach overall. πŸ™‚


  3. Jenera says:

    Cee Lo and that cat throw me every time! It’s like WTF is this? And then I remember it’s Cee Lo at his normal.

    And I agree with Christina. I have liked her since day one but man, I wish they would muzzle her. The other judges have been at it just as long as she has but you don’t hear them saying it every five seconds.

    That said i love the show and I love the auditions much better than American Idol.


  4. Nicole says:

    I love Cee Lo on the show…. “Hey Baby… how you doin’?” and the cat thing cracks me up, WHY IS THAT CAT INSIDE OUT!? πŸ˜‰

    Also, the ONLY reason I watched Burlesque is for Cam. (Same for The Roommate) he is without a doubt one of the sexier TALENTED actors of our generation. There are a few eye candy lads and they just don’t have any acting “chops” xo


  5. Miss Bookaholic says:

    The Voice is honestly one of the best singing shows, and I’m so glad Xtina is part of it, but I totally agree with you. I thought I was the only one who thought she was being… i don’t know, annoying!

    And I agree 100% with you about Cee Lo and his cat hahaha I love how he’s so serious when holding it too.


  6. The Guat says:

    I’m not a big fan of reality tv at all, can’t stand it, but when I heard Blake Shelton was going to be on the show I thought I’ll watch. I’m a fan now, a secret undercover one πŸ˜‰ I was planning on doing a post about my transformation πŸ˜‰ But incidentally, I love Cee Lo … he cracks me up when he sees a pretty chick…Adam is pretty funny too πŸ˜‰


  7. 2bsisters says:

    Reblogged this on SISTERS: Four Walks of Life and commented:
    I feel the same way about christina. Liked her last season but this season is alll about her and he boobs ( they’re so shiny!). I don’t like how she rolls her eyes at the contestants when they are clearly nervous. I know she can be sweet and some of the attitude maybe just for show. Celo cracks me up with his comments and that darn cat. Yes, he is the new mr. Evil πŸ™‚ haha


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