The Hunger Games meets Taylor Swift and a sinking ship?

Indeed! Taylor Swift’s video for her song “Safe and Sound” featuring The Civil Wars, whom I am now a major fan of, was released a couple days ago on MTV. When I say it was beautiful please understand that I mean it was pull your heart out of your body and go through a half box of tissues kind of beauty. It was deep and emotionally charged, something Taylor just isn’t, normally. I have never really been a fan of her music, although I think she is cute in that innocent kind of way of hers. “Love Story” was the only song I actually owned, but now that I have heard this song and her haunting vocals that, if you’ve read the book you know, fit the storyline incredibly well, I can truly say that I am a fan. She has arrived in my opinion, into an artist to be reckoned with. I am excited for the soundtrack to come out and obviously the movie too. So, will they play “Safe and Sound” when Katniss is caring for Peeta while he is on the verge of death or perhaps when she properly sends off Rue? Or possibly an entirely different scene? Who knows? All I know is that I cannot wait! I didn’t think I would feel this way about a series after my much beloved Harry Potter and Twilight series came to an end, but I have. While it is not on the same level as either, there are still creepy wolves in The Hunger Games, so I guess that’s kind of close, yes?

Anyway, if you have not had the privilege of hearing Taylor’s new single yet, check it out here: Safe and Sound Video and if you have, well, enjoy it again why don’t ya! Be sure to also check out her interview at the link above about the song and how she came to be involved in the soundtrack! 🙂

Speaking of emotionally draining movies and the powerful music that accompanies them, let’s touch on the beast of emotional movies: Titanic. Seeing the previews for its upcoming release in 3D makes me reach for my box of tissues all over again, completely forgetting once more that I do not wear waterproof mascara. *Gets down on her knees, flings her arms up and painfully shouts* Why Paramount?! WHY?! *Sniffles* How can you do this to me again?!

That’s quite an image, huh? 😉 I assure you though, I did not actually drop to the ground, but, I did tear up. That movie was just so emotional. We all fell in love with Rose and Jack as they fell in love. We all screamed at the movie screen when Jack slips away. Well, at least all of us romantic saps did. haha! But seriously, can’t you just hear “My heart will go on” playing in your head as you reminisce about this movie? Can’t you feel that crisp sea wind on your cheeks as Rose stands at the helm of the ship, feeling free? Can’t you feel the sensuality of when Jack draws Rose while she lays there naked or when they make love in the car and that sweaty hand slaps the window? Ugh, my heart goes on and on and on.

These are what classics are made of and if The Hunger Games turns out anything like the heart-wrenching novel, I think us nerds who long for a good tearjerker are in for a real treat. I mean, I cry during the damn previews so, I can just imagine what my reaction will be once I am in that red chair, pushed entirely too close to a bunch of teenagers around me playing on their cellphones and talking as if they needed to spend $10.00 each in order to do so. But, either way, I will be happy, so long as the movie goes as it should. *Fingers crossed*

May the odds be ever in your favor!


2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games meets Taylor Swift and a sinking ship?

  1. graveyardsandgrasslands says:

    Will have to go and have a listen… I have heard of the song but not listened yet as I really don’t like Taylor Swift! I just came up with my own HG soundtrack!! I wrote a pot about it somewhere! SO excited about the movie!!!!!!


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