…to Pin or not to Pin?

Let’s recognize the big, gray, peanut-shoveling-into-mouth elephant in the room, first and foremost.


Whew! There, I said it! Now, here’s why:

Do any of you use Pinterest? I know I do, and I am completely obsessed with it, seriously, meetings are becoming necessary at this point. It’s no surprise, really. Pinterest is literally the new black, the bees knees, beloved by all of us women who can’t get enough of the pretty little images and abundance of decadent recipes, all kept in perfect organized boards. What girl doesn’t love something pretty, right? Now before you get all crazed, I am not excluding men because I am being sexist, I am excluding you guys because I don’t know any, personally, who use the beloved site, or any who would openly admit to it, anyway. So, now that we’ve gotten all the boxers, or perhaps briefs, out of a twist, we can carry on.

Pinterest has quickly become the hottest website on the web right now which makes the cautionary tales that are springing up all over the place lately completely shocking to me, and more than a little scary. The articles I’ve found have been taking over my Twitter feed, Facebook, the Huffington Post and various other blogs out there that I have come across, both attacking the site over copyright issues as well as discrediting those attacks as just people being overly pessimistic. I have heard that we can be sued over pinning someone’s photos without their express permission, even though we give them credit. The entire thing has forced me to go into my boards and look around to be sure that I am not infringing on anyone’s personal property. I mean, a lawsuit?! Really?? That is some scary shit, man! I am going to hold on though, because of both my addiction and because of my rebellious nature, might as well call me the Mockingjay! 😉

So, what do you think? Will you surrender to the fear laden propaganda or will you pin on?


8 thoughts on “…to Pin or not to Pin?

  1. Heather Tiger says:

    I too am addicted to Pinterest and have noticed the warning signs of lawsuits swirling around. I think the creators would have looked into this issue, and taken measures to protect themselves and the users, such as the linking back for credit. I will keep pinning and just making sure I give credit where and when it is due! Some scary thoughts though. It was so easy to give credit when writing papers, but the internet is a whole new citing nightmare!


  2. whatevertheyaint says:

    I haven’t jumped on the pin bandwagon yet, but I’ve heard such “horror stories” too. I guess, being of the cautious nature, I’ll tough it out and wait and see what happens before I ride the new craze. So many fun places to try; so little time.


    • Krystal Rose says:

      I almost wish that I didn’t get dragged over to Pinterest last year but my friend was relentless, and now I am pretty pleased she did. Good luck avoiding hopping on the bandwagon! I was doomed before it even rolled by! haha


  3. Anna banana (@annaban) says:

    I’m on Pinterest and it’s a great site. I pretty much agree with what Heather Tiger said: ” I think the creators would have looked into this issue, and taken measures to protect themselves and the users, such as the linking back for credit.”


    • Krystal Rose says:

      Yes, I too am a big fan of the site as stated, I need meetings for my addiction to it. Heather made a good point for sure. The only thing is that I have read tons of press on this subject as of late and some articles have stated that the owners of Pinterest said they are not responsible for legal ramifications that may come from possible copyright infringement issues. The terms on the site are very clear and easy to follow, I have read them multiple times and I don’t see anything wrong with repinning things as long as you give credit for them, but I was inquiring as to what the general public thinks about the sudden panic that has arisen over the beloved site. I will Pin until I can’t. haha


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