It’s National Honesty Day!

Happy National Honesty Day to ya! As I am honest to a fault, pretty much all of the time, today isn’t very significant to me. However, I figured I’d still share some random truths anyway. So here goes…

Shitty people make for shitty friends.

Drinking the recommended eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day is quite literally too much for my poor bladder to handle. How shall I get anything accomplished with bathroom runs coming at twenty minute intervals?

Going back to college, no matter how old you are, is something to be proud of.

The Dos Equis guy may be an actor, but to me, well, he could very well be the most interesting man in the world and I’d like to meet him, and maybe jump out of an airplane holding his hand.

Reading makes you more knowledgeable about things in life, it also improves your writing and verbal skills. Anyone who acts as though it is uncool to pick up a book and actually read it is an idiot.

I love my friends and family unabashedly.

It is so annoying when you feel a hair on your skin but can’t find it. This is similar to feeling a spider web on you. Grrr! ๐Ÿ™‚ The result of said hair, or web, is you, looking like a lunatic, swatting your arms all around your body because you are becoming mentally unhinged. Once the hair/web is discovered your mental state returns to normal. Whew!

Facebook friends are the people who like you enough to want to snoop into your daily life without actually committing to being a part of it.

Eating pineapple before any other fruit is a bad idea. While it is delicious, it robs your mouth of truly tasting anything for a while after you eat it. Solution: save the pineapple for last and enjoy that cantaloupe!

The Voice and American Idol are becoming more irritating as the weeks progress. While I watch them both regularly, thus making myself part of the reason they are still on, I find myself yelling at the screen and fast forwarding 80% of the time. Annoying, but I just can’t help myself. They record, I watch. The cycle repeats.

On that note, what the hell is up with Christina Aguilera this season?! First she wore a plate on her head for weeks. Then she had her breasts literally hanging off to each side, unsure where they were supposed to go. After that outfit she wore a shiny bathing suit-esque type of getup to perform yet another one of her own hits with her group. Now she is wearing a crown?! This is getting completely out of hand!

Florida is being renamed Washington due to all the rain we have been having this week. My flip flops have not been pleased, so thanks nature!

Air conditioning is the best invention since sliced bread. Actually, it might be better than that too. Yes. Yes, it is.

Final exams suck! Speaking of which, I have one in the morning so, Goodnight bloggerville! Feel free to share your own truths with me here. ๐Ÿ˜€


8 thoughts on “It’s National Honesty Day!

  1. Violet says:

    I can honestly say “I LOVE THIS POST”. I am sure you also refrained yourself from many other honest things to say. I know I could have had a field day on here with that, but sometimes we have to hold back our honesty in fear that we might hurt others, even though I have been hurt more by others and if I hurt anyone I did it unknowingly.


  2. SweetP says:

    Great post, lots of laughs reading this and I hope you did well on your exam!

    Some truths for me:
    I can’t wait for my kids to grow up and become adults. I look forward to the day they can call me and tell me all the exciting accomplishments they have achieved.

    I’m addicted to Scrabble right now!

    I let me daughter stay home “sick” from school yesterday and today, really just so I can spend time with her ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hate it when my kids are afraid to ask their dad for things! Like helping them out to buy gifts or clothes and stuff! grrr

    Ok, that’s all for now ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Krystal Rose says:

      Thanks so much and the exam went well! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Those are some great truths. Thanks for sharing them with me and I have been addicted to Scrabble since I can remember. It’s awesome! Welcome to the addiction fellow player.


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