A night at the movies…

I love going to the movies, although I don’t particularly enjoy spending $10.75 *GASP* to see one. It’s great to watch on the big screen with your feet propped up on the chair in front of you (hopefully there isn’t someone sitting there), munching on candy and/or popcorn with reckless abandon. It’s even better when you have a coupon for the candy or popcorn, otherwise you’ll be adding at least another $20 to your grand total…eek! Basically, going to the movies has become a bit of a luxury for many. The date night outing that is a treat and is usually saved for those movies that are worthy of the big screen treatment. The Avengers is one of those movies.

Normally, my fiance and I watch previews on IMDB or when we are at the theater and make a list to add to our Netflix queue. We cozy up at home and pretend we’re in our own movie theater, which is always sweet, especially considering the $$ it saves and there isn’t any chatter around you. However, being a sucker for the Marvel movies, and being a sucker for some serious eye candy, (I mean, really, have you seen the cast of this film?!) it was a must see for the big screen. We chose to see it in 3D, which added money to our ticket prices that are already astronomical, but it was totally worth it! The Avengers started with a bang and kept pounding until the very last scene at the end of the credits, which most didn’t even stick around to see. Let me tell you, I will sit there until the film crackles and goes dead for that kind of money, not to mention that I know how film makers are. They put the teaser scenes at the very end to force you to sit there, staring at the seemingly endless list of credits given to people you’ve never heard of, and quite frankly, never will again in all likelihood. This is smart though. It gives those people their moment in the spotlight, so to speak. In many instances I have been with someone who is an early riser. Someone who bolts as soon as the first credits roll. This is a nuisance. I don’t understand why so many people are so anxious to race to the door as if there is a prize for being the first one out. I feel the same way about people in the checkout lines at any store. You’ve been shopping for hours, roaming casually throughout every aisle, not caring one iota about the time until you want to leave. Now, you stand there, tapping your foot and sighing loudly so others hear you, assuring everyone that you must be a celebrity who does not have the time to stand there and wait your turn like everybody else. The reality is though, you’re not a celebrity, and even if you are, that doesn’t make your time any more valuable than mine so get to the back of the line bub! Maybe next time you decide to go somewhere like a store or the movies you should allot enough time to relax at the curtain call, otherwise you might just miss something.

Ugh, people drive me nuts! lol I just can’t understand this way of thinking at all. Speaking of pet peeves, I find it incredibly irritating when I am out with someone and they have to hold up what we are doing to use the bathroom. I know, I know, this is a crazy thing for me to be bothered about, but it’s just so annoying! Haha! Believe me, I get that it is something we all have to do and we can’t schedule it like an appointment. However, we do not need to take an hour every time we feel that particular urge. Now, don’t get me wrong, and I apologize in advance if this is too visual but, well, it’s something we all do. I completely understand that the two types of bathroom visits differ in the time it takes to feel relief, that isn’t what I am referring to though. My annoyance comes from people who dilly dally in there. Sitting there playing on their phone or spending an eternity ogling yourself in the mirror. Or even those who wash their hands for ten minutes because they feel the need to wash the soap with more soap.

Oh dear, I’m sorry. I have strayed so far from the subject, but hopefully you get my point. 😉 Anyway, the cast was wonderful. I was a bit concerned about Mark Ruffalo playing the Hulk because he just doesn’t seem like the type to play such a role. My concern quickly dissipated though. Mark was fantastic! He had his usual unassuming charm and was cute, albeit slightly mellow for someone who turns into a green monster, but cute just the same. Scarlett was her bad ass self, Jeremy was too, and he was a tasty addition to the Marvel scene I might add. RDJ was, as usual, the eye candy that drew me in and made me stay with his charm and wit. The chemistry between him and Mark was actually adorable too, which I know sounds like a strange way to describe them together, but it’s true. Thor was, well, Thor…hot, and he’s a God so what else can you say? Bottom line is, if you haven’t seen The Avengers, what are you waiting for?! Get your butts to the theater! It’s worth the trip and the moola! 😀


2 thoughts on “A night at the movies…

  1. Emily says:

    Especially with the superhero movies, where there’s almost always been a teaser, I totally agree that it’s baffling why people bolt out! I adored this movie, but didn’t see it in 3D… I may have to now!


    • Krystal Rose says:

      Glad someone else feels the same about those who bolt during these kinds of movies. The 3D was really great. I was impressed because usually 3D bothers my eyes but this one was done nicely.


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