House’s Swan Song

One definition of the word era is that it’s a period identified by some prominent figure and after 8 seasons with Dr. Gregory House, I’d say he is that prominent figure and this is the end of an era. Tonight we say goodbye to the brilliant doctor who dazzled us with his genius, wit, and insane stunts for attention. He is by far one of televisions sickest and ballsiest bastards ever and he will be greatly missed.

The finale episode was bittersweet for me. While I was pleased with how everything was done, it was hard to be happy because I know that Monday night’s will never be the same. The show is a rare gem in the sense that there is no other House, and there never will be. His interactions with his team, his lovers, his superiors, and of course, his best friend Wilson, are as diverse as it gets and the entire production is wickedly entertaining. Above all, my favorite aspect of the show is that friendship between House and Wilson and how the insanely brilliant masterminds behind the scenes have played on the relationship of Holmes and Watson in order to give them their depth.

During the first hour of reflection, it was wonderful to see the tribute to all the creative people who have made this show what it is. I also really enjoyed the little movie-like scene with House and Wilson as they roam the halls of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, all James Bond like with paintball guns and tuxedos. It gives us their quintessential swan song.

The finale moved me beyond words, because honestly, how can you really capture the genius of House with something as simple as a pairing of words? Here, I have only scratched the intricate surface, at best. In the end, after expecting to see Wilson die, House M.D. dies instead. This seems to be the only way to give Wilson life, no matter how long or short that life might be. There isn’t time to dwell on death and as Greg says, “cancer is boring”. They then ride off into the great unknown leaving their future to our limitless imaginations.


3 thoughts on “House’s Swan Song

  1. Violet says:

    Very well put and I totally agree. This write up should be in every newspaper nationwide. I am sure there has not been a write up that even comes close to this. House will be missed, epsecially in our House!


  2. The Guat says:

    True that! It was a great show. An awesome one. I watched it from Day One and was sad to see it end too. I liked the behind-the-scenes footage of all the cast and crew before the big finale. Crazy House. I liked that line … “cancer is boring” Only House would say something like that. ๐Ÿ™‚


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