The Queen’s Hat Jubilee…

Having always thought of myself as a Brit within an American’s body, living against her will in the United States…it comes as no surprise that I set my DVR to record every single second of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Oh the loveliness of it all! The fancy clothes, the chanting crowds who adore their Queen, the procession of her clear-roofed car driving toward the church as she waves to her people, and of course, the hats! Yep! The HATS! These Brit’s sure know how to make a statement right atop their heads, front and center…and I love it! We should bring hats back…not only for their lovely addition to an ensemble but also to embrace a bit of that British fanciness I so long to be a part of. πŸ˜€

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Long live the Queen, in all her loveliness & Britain’s glorious hats!


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