Graduating…not just for Seniors anymore?

How did she make it here?!

I remember a time when graduations were something special, something for the kids who did their absolute best and were hence rewarded for their efforts. They were the moments of our academic lives that we spent 13 years working toward. Now, however, kids are graduating practically every year! What is going on here? There are preschool graduations, kindergarten, fifth grade, eighth grade, and blah, blah. This is out of control! I mean, I totally understand a parent’s excitement that their babies are growing up and are becoming these smart little people, but seriously? They need a ceremony with a full on cap and gown to celebrate their achievements? It seems a bit presumptuous, quite frankly. These kids aren’t really doing anything different then those before them who did not have the same treatment, so why the big demand for graduation ceremonies these days?

Maybe I am just from a time where you were taught how to work hard for that diploma at the end of 12th grade. Or, perhaps, I just think that giving children elaborate events in their honor for reaching tiny milestones along the path to the big one at the end, is setting them up for future failures. I mean, honestly, let’s think about this rationally. I think it is wonderful to praise your children for their accomplishments and to let them know you are proud of them, within reason. Of course you are proud! They are your little angels. This does not mean, however, that you should pump their little egos so full of air that they are just bursting with conceit. I can’t even tell you how many kids I have met who think they rule everything now because of that sparkly diploma. The truth is, they still have a lot to learn about life and reaching their potential before they should be developing any type of arrogance.

Bottom line is, I feel this is unnecessary but to each their own. I am sure that when I have kids, I too will be crying in the audience as they graduate from every year of their academic lives, unless of course, they change things again by that time. Either way, enjoy your kids and teach them how to be good people. Our world is suffering from a lack of goodness and it is your job as parents to teach the up and coming generations how to make a positive impact. Maybe these ceremonies are, in your opinion, teaching them to make the world better, but I hardly think so. Holding grand parties for small accomplishments only causes the big ones down the road to be diminished.

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4 thoughts on “Graduating…not just for Seniors anymore?

  1. Kat Ward says:

    I agree that too many little celebrations take the air of importance out of the grand events, like graduating from high school. I did just go through an 8th grade graduation with my daughter as she was at the end of the line at the school where she’d been since kindergarten, so since the school doesn’t have 9-12th grades, I guess this is okay, and she was certainly very excited.

    I wonder though, are the parents demanding the every year celebrations that you’re talking about? Surely they’re just going along with what the school has chosen to do. I can’t see parents who are struggling to pay the bills looking forward to yearly new graduating dresses, gifts and parties to host, unless they feel they have no choice because this is what schools do nowadays. Where, how and why did all this start? It might be a question for some school administrators.


    • Krystal Rose says:

      Those are great points. I’m not sure who is making these decisions but I agree, it probably is coming from the schools. It’s all just so different from when I was in grade school. Seems excessive. What your daughter just had sounds like a cool idea, given that her particular school was from K-8 and she is moving to high school but I think the same thoughts apply. I think that it should be a parents choice to privately celebrate those moments, not a mandatory action by the school.


  2. Violet says:

    Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! Order in the Graduation Courts…………I now pronounce that all of these pre-graduations stop immediately. There will no longer be caps and gowns until you have actually graduated the 12th grade. Small ceremonies at home may apply, but the schools shall no longer hold any ceremonies for any sort of graduations until further notice. If anyone would like to protest you may do so, please see Miss Magilacutty for those forms.


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