Good morning wordpressers…er, wait a second…it’s 1pm! Scratch the morning and make it an afternoon then!

This past week my parents have been on vacation and they just got back last night, rather this morning if you want to be technical about it. Anyway, given that I usually see my mom at least once a week, it has been a little odd with her gone for 8 days, so tonight I am going over there for dinner. I know, this may seem like a boring thing to read about, and perhaps it’s pretty dorky, but for me, someone who has been bored stiff this entire weekend doing nothing but homework, (a fact of which I am procrastinating from doing right now) it is quite exciting for me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, being with my fiance is great fun, but he works nights so it can be kind of dull without him here to liven up the homework party. Luckily he is here now, but he too has homework occupying his attention. Darn him for being such a dedicated student! 😉

So, here I sit on a Sunday afternoon, about to eat some french toast my beau got for me from a local spot (because clearly I think it is still morning), and I am trying to motivate myself to delve deep into the worlds of oceanography and psychology. However, nothing thus far has sparked the student in me to get moving.

Argh! And now Gilmore Girls is on! There goes that plan out the window…homework, shmomework! I’d rather watch my favorite mother/daughter duo, next to my mom and I. 😀 Happy Sunday all! Hope you enjoyed procrastinating with me.


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