Body pillows and Emma Stone’s lips

No, not together, although I am sure some of you would love the idea of having Emma on a body pillow in your bed. Haha! For me, however, these are two separate things that tickle my fancy, so to speak. The first being the pillow…

^ My new love!

Recently I have been having serious pains in my arms, neck, and back when I wake up in the morning. I generally sleep with one arm extended above my head (under the pillow) with my stomach partially facing down toward the mattress while my leg is bent out. Apparently, after searching online for treatment options I found out that this is one of the worst positions to sleep in and I honestly have no idea how I even came to sleep this way. It just sort of happened one day because I felt it unbearable to have my arms below my pillow. So now I have been trying different things to change the way I sleep, which is really hard to do! I’ve bunched up the blanket to keep me from rolling forward and also tried stuffing two pillows in front of me to prevent it as well. I also tried to sleep cuddled up to my guy but it’s just not comfortable to have that skin on skin heat while trying to sleep, which reminds me of a Friends episode where Ross teaches Chandler the “Hug and Roll” method…click to see it. LOL Anyway, nothing was working and then I saw a body pillow at Target so I decided to give it a shot. Now this may sound silly but this pillow changed my entire life, well, the part I spend sleeping anyway. 😉 It is spectacular! I’ve never slept so well and I wanted to tell anyone who has issues similar to mine, and those who don’t, because it’s just so damn comfy, to go out and get one of these babies! I got mine for $20 (with the additional pillow case) which is a bargain!

Speaking of things that I think are spectacular, or in this case, people…please welcome, Emma Stone, who I’ve spoken of before here. See, I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I make my own decisions instead of following others who make them, which is most likely a trait of being a Leo. So, when I found myself rushing around town looking for lip butters and lipsticks just because a certain sultry redhead on television is slicking them on her luscious lips, I had to stop and think: “Am I being a follower?” The answer is simple: HELL YEAH I AM! I mean, have you seen those commercials? Who wouldn’t want to emulate Emma by wearing such a colorful array of lip goodies? If she is leading the beauty revolution, then I am in line behind her embracing all the pretty. 😀


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