If I Could Dine With Anyone

Today I’ve been asked to decide who in history I would have dinner with should I have the chance and what we would eat. Well, most people who know me would probably guess Johnny Depp, however, I wouldn’t be able to speak most likely, let alone eat, if I were in his presence. So, that leaves me to ponder who I might not be so starstruck with, but also whom I wish to learn a great deal from. Hmm….on that note, I would love to have dinner with Lewis Carroll, and his storybook characters, of course! You know, the author of the beloved Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass? The guy who did really strange things in real life and was perhaps a mad genius. He most likely wouldn’t be an ideal dinner companion, especially if I were a younger girl and he fancied a photography session with me, but I do find him intriguing, nevertheless.

I would wear a blue dress with a white apron, like Alice. Or, perhaps I would wear a top hat and silly collared coat with slacks and high boots. Or maybe I would just stick with a red dress with lots of pouf that may have a heart sewn here or there. Who knows? Perhaps he might want a break from the world of Alice and would hope for a normal dressed lady of that time to appear for dinner. Then again, this is my fantasy dammit! I shall wear what I wish, damn the results!

We would have a tea party and invite the Hatter (so I guess Johnny would be in attendance after all), Alice, the crazy rabbit and mouse, and even the White Rabbit if he had the time. We’d make sure to host it so that the Red Queen and her army of playing cards were not to interrupt, after all, we would have important business to discuss! Cakes, cookies, tarts, biscuits, and pies would we served along with tea, steamed milk, and coffee with cream and sugar cubes at the ready. We would all eat and laugh and chat while Lewis sat there disgusted with how much food was before us, for he was known to be a very minimal eater. I’d ask him what the answer is to the Mad Hatter’s question, “Why is a Raven like a writing desk?” Most likely he would have no idea, like the rest of us don’t, as he wrote it to be nonsensical and he was undoubtedly rather mad himself, but it would still be interesting to inquire anyway. 😉

The dinner party would end after hours of eating, drinking, and chatting…after which I’d work up the courage to head to the Red Queen’s castle and shout, “OFF WITH HER HEAD!” before retiring back to my humble home, simply to give her a taste of her own medicine. Then I’d sleep with my new friend Ches floating above my head and dream of the Hatter’s adorable madness until morning, where I would awake, alone, pinching myself to be sure, and pondering if it ever really happened. Then again, that is the thing with dreams, in order to achieve them one must think of six impossible things before breakfast!


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