Fighting for a seat…

Earlier tonight I met my friend Ida at Barnes & Noble, which if you’ve ever been to the location here in Boca Raton, Florida, you’ll know how crazy busy this store is, no matter what time of day. Being a Saturday night doesn’t even change the amount of hot bodies within an uncomfortable radius around you, where everyone is literally within arms reach, which is no bueno! It may be good for some people but for me, well, when I used the word “hot” in front of “bodies” I definitely wasn’t describing appearances, if you catch my drift. 😉 Anyway, the point I am getting to, ever so slowly as I like to tell stories in a lengthy, procrastinating way, is that this Barnes & Noble is so busy that the alluring cafe, where they “Proudly Serve Starbucks Coffee” is always packed too. The tables are filled with patrons who are so afraid of abandoning their seats for fear that the vultures circling the cafe will snag their table, hence leaving them without a place to drink that delicious, caffeinated beverage, and ogle magazines or books we all know they’ll never buy. This cafe might as well be it’s own store for the business it drums up, which I think surpasses the action the rest of the B&N store itself is seeing. The bizarre thing, to me, is that there are Starbucks locations peppered all over the city of Boca Raton, this is like a mecca for such places, after all, so why choose the bookstore? There is literally one Dunkin Donuts around my area to the five or six Starbucks locations, (guess Boca runs on something a bit greener) but I digress. Tonight, after snagging my favorite spot in the cafe, which I consider to be a prime piece of real estate as far as a bookstore dweller is concerned, Ida and I got our coffees, one by one, of course, because we just couldn’t risk losing that table! So anyway, while sitting there this woman next to us begins packing up her stuff and this couple rushes over, as if they are literally unable to stand a moment longer without seeking the comfort of a chair, and the woman exclaims, “Oh I am so glad you’re leaving!” Startled, as she should be, the departing woman looks up and quickly the new woman starts to panic about possibly offending this lady so she starts saying things like, “it’s not that I want you to leave or anything, you’re welcome to stay, I am just so relieved to find a place to sit and enjoy my coffee. We’ve been waiting for a table for so long!” The departing woman doesn’t say anything but merely nods and leaves the store and the couple sits down and does their thing, and I lose interest. Within about a half hour, however, another table opens up and a group of people rush over! When I say “rush” imagine watching a stampede of bulls and you’re their destination. Napkins are flying, cups are threatening to fall out of hands and spill all over, other patrons are mid-sip of their latte’s taking in the commotion. Either way, this is crazy! All of this over a table at a bookstore, and so I thought, “what a great blog topic!” Which it is, but there’s more…

One of the women from the herd that just rushed in jumps up, yes jumps as if on a pogo stick, which leads me to believe she’s already surpassed her coffee intake for the evening, but anyway, she jumps up to get more and after she’s walked a few feet from the table she spins around and says to her group of friends, “Hey! This reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld where George is in that bookstore and he takes that book into the bathroom with him for reading material! Haha!” They all laugh, with immediate recognition I might add, and I immediately looked over at Ida, who is the friend, coincidentally, that I mentioned back in my sitcom post, found here, who mutually feels that ALL THINGS GO BACK TO SEINFELD! Which brings me full circle, in my mind anyway, to the point that I am still right all of these months later! So, for all of you who argued with me saying that shows like Seinfeld, that concluded 15 years ago and is still being referenced, don’t hold a candle to the sitcoms of today, let me just say again that you’re wrong and, well…


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