Sorry for the wickedly intense headline…I swear this is not going to be a post mirroring any of those rehab shows on television that so many of us get off on watching. No, nothing like that, well maybe a little, minus the drugs and alcohol and sweaty, poorly dressed individuals screaming at one another on the screen. Um, well actually, the only similarities are that with my addictions I do become frazzled and may scream a little, but usually in a pleasurable way and I am always dressed well. I mean, this is tv after all! Wait a minute! It’s not tv, you say?! Oh drat! Here I go again confusing my blog with having my own show! The thing is though, I really should have my own show. I can’t dance or sing so Idol and The Voice are out, I can cook but don’t consider myself a “cook” so Masterchef is out, I can make various types of artwork but that isn’t really “tv worthy” stuff…so pretty much all of the reality shows on now just won’t do. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ However, if Mindy Kaling can have a show called “The Mindy Project,” which is pretty much a cataloging of her daily life sprinkled with some sitcom humor and silliness, then by all means, I too, could have my own show! Shit! Again, you say I can’t?! Oh man, nice way to kill a girls dream! Well, whatever. Since I won’t become a celebrity overnight I might as well get back to the point…

This post is about my addiction to blogs and their addiction to me! ๐Ÿ˜€ Now, that is the kind of addiction I can get on board with…sooo first and foremost, a big THANK YOU is going out to one of my dear followers who calls herself The Guat! She has bestowed this honor upon me and even though she was originally the one to receive the award, I must nominate her again because I just can’t get enough of her blog! If you like witty writing sprinkled with a bit of sarcasm then check out her stuff over at The Wish Factor. There is rarely a post that she puts out that doesn’t have me cracking a smile or stifling a giggle (which is often times accompanied by a snort..but, shhh! Let’s keep that between us!)

Anyway, the award is called the “Addictive Blog Award” and so, as is the custom of such things, here I am posting about it and passing it along to 10 bloggers of my choosing. First, however, as required of this particular accolade, I must write about how I started blogging and why. That isn’t so bad, right? Well, I started a blog a couple years ago with my friend Nicole. The idea originally came up during one of our weekly coffee dates at Barnes & Noble where we would meet up to discuss any number of thoughts and ideas. One afternoon I suggested that we should create a blog in order to put our chatter out there into the blogosphere, so that is exactly what we did. By the next day the site was created and aptly titled: “Two Opinionated Chicks.” From that point on it gave me the push to put myself out there, so to speak. Unfortunately the website didn’t last as our schedules just didn’t mesh adequately enough and there were weeks where all the posts were mine or none at all and that is when we closed up shop. I knew that blogging was still something I wanted to do but I didn’t want to rely on someone else to fulfill my desire and that is how “Unabashedly Poetic” was born. ๐Ÿ˜€ I continue to blog because writing, no matter what form, is what I must do. Like reading is my oxygen, writing is the blood in my veins. They work together to keep me grounded, well at least my body is, my mind however is another story. It may never bring me anything beyond this blog or perhaps another down the road, but that is enough, although I will continue to dream of bigger things to come because, well, I’ve got the dreamer’s disease, after all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, without further ado, here are the blogs that I am passing this award along to:


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