Let’s give ’em television to talk about…

The Fall season for television began some time ago and I have deliberated over the new shows that hit those much desired primetime slots. Surprisingly, after I had almost lost all hope that anything new could come out and hook me, there were more than a couple that did. There have been quite a few, actually, that have captured my full attention so far and we haven’t even hit midseason yet. So here is a list of the new shows that have had my fancy tickled pink, so far.

When I first saw the previews for this show I thought, “Oh, doesn’t that look fluffy,” and I almost didn’t record it. However, upon watching the first episode I was officially hooked, which may be due to the appeal country music has on me or Hayden Panettiere, whom I love, but either way it’s a smash hit. The show centers on two leading ladies who are vying for the spotlight in the country music world, played by Hayden and Connie Britton. One is the hot new thing and the other is a more seasoned performer with years of experience under her belt but she is being pushed aside for the younger Hayden. This may sound pretty predictable, and it is, however, there is some magic in this program too. That magic is during a scene in a small little honky tonk bar where a simple waitress and the bars music act play a duet of one of her poems. That moment right there is what stole my heart the first episode, because that girl, who is played by Clare Bowen is hauntingly beautiful in every aspect. Without her the show would still, of course, be entertaining, but the addition of this duet is pure magic.

The New Normal, which, in my opinion, speaks for itself, is much like my beloved Modern Family, only it centers on two families coming together to create a new life. The cast is completely adorable with Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells as the gay couple who desperately want a baby, Georgia King as the lovable surrogate mother Goldie who has a quirky and wonderfully cast daughter named Shania, who is played by Bebe Wood. (If anything, tune in to the episode where Shania pretends she is Little Edie from Grey Gardens. It is undeniably accurate and amazing for her age!) Rounding out the cast is Ellen Barkin who plays Goldie’s grandmother and she is against the entire idea from the start and isn’t shy about vocalizing her thoughts. The show has taken serious risks toward politics and sexuality issues that plague our nation since the very first episode and it seems to be getting braver each week, and undeniably cuter. This is the type of show that makes me want to pinch its little cheeks and kiss it all over. It’s just adorable.

Chicago Fire hit the scene, and was highly anticipated for me ever since Rescue Me ended (which left a serious void in tv land for a good firefighter show) and House’s finale (because I am a big fan of Jesse). This show, which packs a punch with some hotties to ogle, for both the male and female perspectives, as well as a pretty good storyline and action going on, has fired me up. Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney had me setting up a series record on my dvr all by themselves, the rest of the show was purely a bonus, and a pleasant one at that.

Revolution is a post-apocalyptic show that centers on a young girl who pairs up with her long lost uncle (Billy Burke) and a few other friends to track down her missing brother. A brother who isn’t just missing but he was taken by the militia, an army of people who have taken over the land after all of the power went out in the world. The militia need her brother in the hope that he knows information on how to get the power to come back on. The show has been moving along pretty well but I do have some problems with it. For one thing, it tends to be a little slow at times, but it is still entertaining enough to keep me tuning in every week. I also wonder how long they can walk around the country fighting little battles with the militia before the story comes full circle. Will it have the ability to stand the test of time? I’m not sure yet but I’m willing to find out, and J.J. Abrams usually delivers, so there’s hope.

Elementary…what can I say about this show beyond the name Sherlock Holmes? You see, I am a sucker for anything that is inspired by the wacky and ever intriguing Holmes, who is being played by Johnny Lee Miller and his dutiful sidekick Watson, played by Lucy Liu. Whether it is reading the pages of Doyle’s stories, watching the friendship between Greg and James on my beloved House, or seeing Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law play the power packed duo, I am all about it. So, when this show premiered, I figured, why not add it to the growing list of Holmes inspired shows and films under my belt? Miller is quirky and odd as any good Sherlock should be and Liu is a new spin on Watson, with her being a female and all. The two pair well together as they help investigate crime scenes with the local police. My only fear for this program is that some people might not dig it as much as I do due to the oddities, but it’s still on for now so that might be a good sign.

The CW is on fire with their programs, whether I watch them all or not. They clearly know how to put on entertaining shows that play to their key demographic and most of the time they end up being really solid in ratings and fan base. This season I have fallen for two more shows on the ever popular network. The first is Arrow which is kind of like a play on Robin Hood but it’s a modern spin. The main character is Oliver Queen and he has just come back home after being presumed dead for five years. During his time away he learned many things and has now become a vigilante in his city. So, if you like comic book type shows and/or movies you might like this show. The second show that has grabbed my attention is Beauty and the Beast, which is not the Disney adaptation brought to a television show. No, this is quite different. In fact, the role of “Beauty” is played by Kristin Kreuk who is known primarily for her time as Lana on Smallville. You know, the love of Clark Kent’s life? However, instead of playing the innocent girl that needs rescuing from her superman, she plays a homicide detective who gets consistently rescued by her beast, and he really does turn into a beast. That much is true to the storyline it is derived from. Sprinkled into their romance are murder investigations to solve and a mystery that is plaguing the beast but we don’t quite know much about it yet. The show is a police crime show with some supernatural fun…who wouldn’t like that?

While these shows have gained my steady viewership, the Fall premiere season is hardly over. Come January there are a whole other list of shows hitting networks. We can expect titles like: The Following (starring Kevin Bacon), Cult, Witnesses, Red Widow, Zero Hour, Hannibal, Infamous, Save Me, and Crossbones. So if you’re into tv, like I am, keep a lookout for these in 2013.


5 thoughts on “Let’s give ’em television to talk about…

  1. Violet says:

    You totally nailed these shows to a T! I cannot say enough about how much I love the above shows. The New Normal…I just want to snuggle up in bed with all of them and have a pajama party. Chicago Fire is totally on FIRE! Nashville take me to all kinds of levels of country style living….crazy…love it!


  2. The Guat says:

    Dude. I’m totally loving Revolution, Elementary, Nashville, and Chicago Fire. JJ Abrams always rocks his shows with drama and story so I’m loving that one. Sherlock is totally great character on that show, I’m glad I gave it a chance. Nashville…I’m a total country fan so I was a little worried there, but I’m liking the drama so far. I’m hoping that chick played by Clare Bowen drops her dude. She’s killing me with that relationship and Chicago Fire … ahhhhh…well anything with hottie fireman, right? No, not always. But I’m liking the House dude on that show, glad they finished with that dirty cop story…glad he finally got locked up, although I’m hoping he doesn’t get freed and it creates another drama — Univision style


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