2012: The highlight reel

iStock_000020743208Small-726x370Greetings, fellow bloggers, from the sunshine state. Here we are, another year about to come to a close and I am on my 101st blog post! I can’t believe how fast time flies while I am having fun. 😀 2012 has been an incredible year for me and as I patiently await the countdown tonight as we all glide beautifully into 2013, I wanted to recap on my favorite moments of this year and add in some other random memories for good measure…

  • As you all know, I GOT MARRIED in August to my nerd counterpart, Matt!! It has been four months and I have loved every single minute!
  • In January I went back to college to pursue my goal of getting a BA in English. Now I am about two semesters away from finishing my AA before I can head over to the University to start tackling my Bachelors classes.
  • In October my mom and I went to Tampa to watch as my cousin married her guy and we were very glad to be there. I only wish that I could have been a part of the wedding preparations and etc. BUT two weddings in the same year is friggin’ awesome and I am soooo happy for us both!
  • Just last month, Matt and I had an intimate wedding celebration party with our closest family and friends. That was wonderful, it was so great to be surrounded by our loved ones.
  • Matt and I went to Disney a couple of weeks ago with his mom (now my mother-in-law…can’t believe I have in-laws now! haha!) We had a blast!
  • We re-upped our lease at our apartment, which makes this year two since we officially moved in together. We’re looking forward to many more!
  • My mom and I took a mini-road trip to Naples one weekend a few months ago to hit the outlet shops and just have fun. While we were there we found our GUMBY and have been taking pictures of him wherever we go ever since!
  • I celebrated my 29th birthday.
  • Mom and I went to Tampa, again, err, rather before the other time mentioned, back in May for a visit with my grandparents and cousins. Hmm, we seem to have traveled quite a bit this year! lol
  • My mom got us tickets to see my favorite singer, KELLY CLARKSON! It was my second time seeing her and it was pure bliss!
  • Speaking of concerts, we also went and saw Phillip Phillips and Gavin DeGraw with my friend Jessica a few weeks ago and it was totally awesome!!
  • My mom, friend Ida, Matt, and I went to the Las Olas Art Festival back in January. We took in some great art and ate yummy cannoli’s. After which we all had lunch at a place called ROK:BRGR that won the best burger competition at the previous years burger battle down on Las Olas, which mom and I attended too! Yum-O!
  • Matt and I did the whole Black Friday shopping experience…and believe it or not, it was fun…BUT we’ll never do it again! Haha!
  • I drank tons of Starbucks coffee, hung out for a zillion hours at my sanctuary, Barnes and Noble, and became obsessed with Chipotle Mexican Grill.
  • I found a love for Taylor Swift. (I know, random…but it’s been a long battle and I’ve finally succumbed.)
  • I met a goal of reading 40 books this year, which I am not too proud of but it does give me a nice incentive for 2013. Hopefully I can one day reach my ultimate goal of 100 in a year!
  • My dad and stepmother got me my Macbook Pro as a wedding gift and it’s soooooo amazing!!
  • I finally got a pair of UGG boots (where I only had the backless/slipper kind before), and not just any UGG boots, but MONOGRAMMED UGG’S!!! My mom rocked it this Christmas!
  • I rocked the vote and my guy, Obama, got re-elected!
  • We saw a bird flying around in our local grocery store…and it was really cool! Haha!
  • Spent every Friday night, and then some, with my mom…our mommy/daughter nights! So glad to have not only a parent in her but a best friend too!
  • Made a $150 wrapping 260 gifts with my mom for her job for Christmas! (They give books to their clients every year and I did so great wrapping them last year, I was asked to do it again.) 😀
  • Celebrated my favorite holiday, Christmas, with my favorite people.
  • Back in March, my mom and I attended another wedding of my honorary sister, Heather. 🙂 Glad we could share in that day with her, her new hubby, and their children.

I’ve had a great year filled with laughter, memories, awkward moments, and adventure. There have been three weddings, new friends made, tons of traveling, and great fun! I am looking forward to starting 2013 and having a whole new list to share come next December. Happy New Year everyone and I hope your 2012 was just as wonderful as mine!


2 thoughts on “2012: The highlight reel

  1. Robin Hiller Francis says:

    Krystal Rose I enjoyed reading this very much. You have a gift for writing…always continue for someday, who knows maybe you will write a book and have it published. I love reading your everyday posts on facebook also. You are a talented young lady with a bright future ahead of you. Keep on smiling kiddo and do what you enjoy doing. Your Mommy (and 2 daddies) have raised you very well and I am sure they are very proud of you! Hugs to you ❤ ~~Robin~~


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