List: Things You Are OCD About

Topic: Something you are OCD aboutim-worried-that-my-boyfriend-will-cheat-on-me-again-21586914Being “OCD” has become somewhat of a joke these days. People say they are OCD for just about everything…but the thing is, it is actually a real disorder. A disorder that I think everyone might have in some form or another, however, some people truly suffer from this disorder in serious ways and I want to put it out there now that I am not making light of that by this post, which may end up sounding a bit silly. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, with that said, my compulsions include:

  • Always needing to have things on my shelves (including in my shower) perfectly straight or at the angle I put them in. It really bugs me when things are moved and this crazy obsession has even caused me to straighten shower bottles and etc. at friends houses too.
  • Insisting that all of my books be unbent, not have the spine cracked, and absolutely NO dog-earring of the pages!! It makes me a nervous wreck to loan my books to other people.
  • I cannot stand wet hands! I mean, of course I don’t mind when I wash my own hands or take showers. It is more about other people’s hands touching me when they’re wet. It irks me and the worst culprit is my grandmother, who even has the nickname “moist” because her OCD issue is washing her hands or using wet wipes too much.
  • I get really weird about being seated at tables in restaurants where my back will be to the other tables, for example, bar stools or restaurants that have tables scattered all over a large floor space. If it isn’t a booth, I feel uncomfortable. Also, I am uncomfortable when the table is wet from the sweat on glasses. LOL The wet thing attacks again!
  • If I make an error while writing something I will always start over on a new page, even if it can be erased or removed with white-out. The mistake still lingers there regardless and takes the pretty, clean look of the page away.

I know, these are a bit peculiar, but I kind of like being odd. Weirdness is awesome! What are your OCD issues?


4 thoughts on “List: Things You Are OCD About

  1. Miss Bookaholic says:

    I’m really “OCD” about my hands too! Especially when they’re sticky are wet – I can’t do anything unless they’re clean! I’m super OCD about typing out notes for class or whatever.. they have to be a certain layout or else I won’t be able to read it my way… haha it’s weird!


  2. onceuponafriendship says:

    Krystal, I hear you on the book one. I’ve always kept mine looking as new as the day I bought them too. It always drives me crazy to see people bending pages to mark their spots….EVER HEAR OF BOOKMARKS PEOPLE????? Geesh!!!! ~Chrissy


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