Say what?!

So I am sitting here watching Eclipse for the bazillionth time and I was texting my GFF about some random thoughts I’ve been having. They are so entertaining to me that I thought I’d drag you all into my crazy mind. Ready?? I know, I know! You’re all just hanging on the edge of your seats…Haha! 😉 Anyway, here goes…

  • Has anyone ever noticed how, in the Twilight films, Forks seems to get brighter and significantly drier as the movie adaptations progress, however, in the books the weather is described as constantly wet from rain and snow? There is even a line from Twilight that says, “In the state of Washington, under a near constant cover of clouds and rain, there is a small town named Forks.” So, doesn’t that pretty much set the scene for slushy mush? Yeah, I thought so too.
  • Riding the coattails of that Twilight reference is my observation of Bella’s beauty throughout the films. I mean, Kristen is a stunner as is, there’s no question there, but she gets prettier with each film so by the time she turns into her vampirific self it just doesn’t “wow” me. I mean, that is supposed to be a moment where she has the godlike beauty the Cullen’s all have right? So why did the makeup artists constantly up her beauty in her human days when she was supposed to be plain Jane, girl next door?
  • I’d love to be rich so that I can buy a new set of teeth. Taylor Lautner’s seem pretty nice…but I bet he’d charge me a fortune for them. I’ll probably need to make a really convincing argument to sway him.
  • How can one write a poem about a single metaphor, being very descriptive, without inadvertently using another one?
  • Are you still pondering the above randomness? Yeah, me too. *sigh*
  • I just ate a Cannoli, and I capitalize it because that dessert deserves to be a proper noun. They are just that good. Anyway, the Cannoli I ate, and rest assured it wasn’t my rabbit, was soooo tasty. I mean, I have had better but it was still really good. Whole Foods makes one of the best, though. So, if you haven’t had one, go get one now. Seriously, NOW!
  • While scrolling through the guide on my tv I constantly see things on HBO and Cinemax that I want to watch so I click on them and then remember that I don’t have those channels. You’d think I would remember prior to doing this several times a week.
  • I still have an inflated balloon from my last birthday, which is in August, by the way, in case you want to get me a gift this year. Gift Ideas: I accept cash. 😀
  • Tomorrow my parents, husband, and I are going to the zoo. I’m not too excited for the constant smell of bowel movements by all of the animals but I am pretty jazzed to see those animals. Give and take, that’s what life’s all about right? Pictures to come in another post soon and I promise no poop!
  • My vacuum is awesome…and no, it is not a magic vacuum, well, it might be but only my broom flies so I rather doubt it. However, it sucks like a…err, perhaps that isn’t appropriate at this time. I’ll let you sick minded folks finish it on your own. 😉
  • I need some water.
  • This is my favorite line from Friends…and oddly enough, I find plenty of occasions to use it in daily life. It’s just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic. IMG_7793

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