Steve Jobs

Topic: Someone who fascinates you and why

I know this may sound like a typical response, or maybe it isn’t, but someone who fascinates me is Steve Jobs. Especially while reading the book about him by Walter Isaacson, however, I am not even close to done! Haha I mean, have you seen that thing?! It’s like the length of Les Misérables! Anyway, the guy may have been a complete douche but he sure was a brilliant one. I mean, how cool is that? Well, I know that nobody truly wants to be considered a douche, and even in death he is still called one by many, but the thing about Steve was that he just didn’t care what other people thought of him. Perhaps that was a downfall of his, perhaps it wasn’t, but either way, the dude changed our world with his brilliance and that cannot be argued against. Some of you may not like his products or you may be like me and consider yourselves total Macheads…but you know what we all have in common in regards to this guy? We all know him, we’ve all used something he thought of at some point in our lives, his name has been in our mouths, and without his douchebaggery the world of technology would be a very different place. It might still be a totally awesome place but as I type this on my Macbook Pro and manage my blog from the WordPress app on my iPhone, I know that my life has been changed by this person. We have never met but he is with me everyday in these products that assist me in living my life. That in and of itself is the most fascinating thing to me. One guy…millions of people touched by his genius…a world forever changed. Now, that’s pretty cool stuff!

steve-jobs-dont-settle-quoteWho fascinates you and why?



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