My favorite Disney princesses

Topic: Your favorite Disney princess movie and why

Disney-Princess-disney-princess-16254472-2560-1817Well, this has always been an easy question to answer until new movies like Tangled and Brave hit the scene. As far as Disney movies are concerned, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland are my favorites, BUT when asked which Disney Princess movie I love most I have always said The Little Mermaid first, with Beauty & the Beast coming in at a close second, since Alice is not a princess and Peter Pan certainly isn’t either. However, the two aforementioned films (Brave & Tangled) are definitely in the running now for my favorite princesses, and apparently as of June of this year, Brave’s Merida will be added to the official Disney Princess lineup with the other ten ladies who currently hold the titles. So, clearly I am not alone in my love for her. ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway, here are the reasons why I love each movie, are ya excited?

mqdefaultThe Little Mermaid: I loved everything about it. From Ariel’s beautiful voice singing those songs that we all know so well, swimming about under the sea with her adorable and quite vibrantly colored friends. I wanted to be her. A redheaded mermaid who fell in love with a prince named Eric who had a crazy furry sheepdog named Max. I wanted to be friends with Flounder and harassed by Sebastian all while breaking every rule my king of a daddy enforced upon me. Plus, I thought having a green tail and a purple bra made of seashells was really fashionable…when I was like 4, but now I see how difficult it is to swim with your feet tied together. Not to mention the lack of support those seashells provide, am I right ladies?

beauty_and_the_beast_13Beauty and the Beast: The love for this one is much simpler, it was that library nestled deep within that ginormous castle that stole my heart. Hook, line, and sinker. What could be better than a beautiful room full of endless wonders on paper and string? With spiral staircases and a fireplace and endless shelves exceeding far beyond what the eye can see. The only thing that challenges that library would be Belle’s golden gown, which was amazing! I even dressed up as her for Halloween once, although my “gown” was more of the party city variety than that of the magnificent cartoon one. I also fell in love with the candlestick, Lumiรจre and his deep French accent, the adorable teapot, Mrs. Potts with her adorable son Chip, the matching cup, who was just so cute you wanted to squeeze him even though he was made of fine china. I even loved the clock, Cogsworth, with his bossy ways. The movie, to this day, makes me smile and holds my full attention. Now, in the new generation of Disney princess movies comes this adorable film. The animation was enchanting, especially the scene where the lanterns are floating all around Rapunzel and Flynn as they sit in a little boat below the palace. It was so beautiful, which is rare in a cartoon, in the sense that the beauty felt real. This movie was also the first time where I felt that the lead heroine was free to be herself. I mean, once she fled the tower she had been living in for so many years, she really came into her own and by the end of the story, she was quite brave and mature.

brave_meridaBrave: This movie, I feel, was sort of taken on after Rapunzel found her true self in Tangled. Princess Merida in Brave is rebellious and pretty much a tomboy, something no other Disney Princess has been thus far, as far as I know. I mean, some could say that Mulan who pretended to be a guy in order to go into battle would be the same but it’s not. Mulan didn’t do that because she wanted to be like the “men” who were at war, she did it to keep her father from having to go. She felt he would die in battle, so her rebellion was noble. In Brave, Merida is completely different. She is truly rebellious against her parents customs of arranging a marriage for her so she poses a new question. She will shoot her own arrow to take back her choices in life. In the process she has a life altering situation with her mother and their bond is strained but is also grown deeper. Her three triplet brothers are hilarious and the animation, again, is amazing. Disney and Pixar have certainly continued to up the ante over the years and I look forward to their future Princess endeavors. For now, however, Brave will be one of those films that I will be sure to have my future children watch, especially if I have a daughter, because every little girl should know that she can choose her own destiny. Her fate is in her hands. That is major girl power packed in this movie, and that alone rocks…so does her killer mop of red curls, that again, look so real.

If you haven’t seen these movies, at least the newer ones, please do. They’re really a treat and even at 29 I was able to learn something from them. You’re never too old to be a princess or to live that happily ever after. ๐Ÿ˜€


10 thoughts on “My favorite Disney princesses

  1. nymuse88 says:

    As you know I am a HUGE Disney fan and I loved this post!! One I agree with you about the seashell bra…I would be in soooo much trouble. Two Beauty and The Beast is my classic favorite because she truly gets to know the beast first before falling in love with him, rather than at first sight. You also got to see the beast transform with some character development too and yeah the HUGE library was a plus major! For my favorite modern film I would also have to say Tangled. I love her character, but I also love that we get to know Flynn as well. Usually it’s all about the girls, but he had a story too and changed throughout. That lantern scene I’m embarrassed to say, still makes me cry. It is so beautiful and I love the song “See The Light” as well! I’m a sucker, I also cried in Princess and The Frog who comes in a close second for modern favorite. Tiana, the hardworking commoner who gets to know her prince first, as well as the fact that she likes to cook ;). Sorry I’ve been absent for a while, my recent post will explain. TTYL!


    • Krystal says:

      Haha! Thanks! I was so excited for this topic since I love Disney too. So many great things they produce. ๐Ÿ˜€ I totally agree with your view on how Belle falls in love with the Beast without considering his looks. That is a great message for kids watching it…adults like us too. Getting to know a male character more in Tangled was nice too, I also loved the horse in that movie and don’t be embarrassed about crying at that lantern scene, it’s stunning!! Princess and The Frog was excellent, especially bringing their first black Princess into the mix and since I love frogs that was a major plus too. Anyway, I just read your blog post and CONGRATULATIONS on the new job!! I’m so happy for you and your attitude is infectious! Wish I could eat at the restaurant…French food is my absolute favorite! ๐Ÿ˜€


      • nymuse88 says:

        HA HA thanks!! It’s always a pleasure writing to you and reading your posts. I know ever since I saw Julie/Julia I’ve fallen more in love with French food!


      • Krystal says:

        Thanks and I really enjoy your stuff too. Julie and Julia is one of my favorite movies. The French food made it even better but I loved everything about it. Actually, truth be told, I have something more of an obsession over that movie. Haha! I’ve watched it on repeat for days straight sometimes. *big dork* ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • nymuse88 says:

        Ha Ha, I would love to have a movie marathon of all foodie films and to make at least one thing from each film. So I think I join you in the dork department. Life is never boring that way. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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