Spring renewal…

peonies2The past few months, my husband and I have been looking all around our current area for a new place to live. With our lease ending at our current apartment come the end of March, we have been under a lot of pressure to find something new in a short period of time that fit into our budget. Unfortunately, living in a city in South Florida that is considered “posh” or “rich” we quickly found that our apartment was actually a gem. We snagged this place two years ago and it is nestled in the exact center of our city within walking distance to over five restaurants, a grocery store, three gas stations, a seven minute drive to the mall, ten minute drive to two movie theaters, more restaurants, Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods, and a multitude of other places. The highways are also within minutes, which puts us in a highly desirable spot and since we signed our first lease here the rent for new tenants has gone up by almost $200! While we have had a love/hate relationship with our apartment, we also know that the area just can’t be beat. It may be a bit too expensive for the size but it is also our home and has been for two years so, after much disappointment with the current apartments around us and the real estate possibilities severely lacking, we decided to renew our lease again for another year, maybe two but that decision will be decided when the time comes. πŸ™‚ Don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves!

PEONIES 031So, due to this new turn of events and having the awesomely brilliant mother that I have, she suggested that we get some new furniture and paint the walls to give our old, closet sized apartment in this “posh” town a fresh feel. Really make it the home that we so long to have because even with a rental, making it a home can be done with the right tools and attitude. To say that I am excited about this idea would be an understatement…especially since I have essentially stalked the websites for Rooms to Go, Pinterest, Ikea, Sherwin Williams, Home Depot, Target, and anywhere else that can give us some inspiration for decorating, paint, and furniture needs. πŸ˜€ Tomorrow, my guy and I will be out and about doing some leg work, too. We can’t wait to pick out furniture and paint colors, although my stepdad said to have him make the final decisions regarding the paint aspect as he is a professional painter…the best one in town, in fact! Lucky us, right?! Hell yeah!! We have the help and the desire to get things started and we can’t wait to have that sense of renewal for the upcoming Spring!


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