Brilliant randomness…

What’s up bloggersville? Or as my dear friend Ida and I say…WHAT UP!!! (think David Schwimmer in Kissing a Fool for the sound effect ;)) Anyway, I am having a case of heliumhead™ lately so, this post is just some of the random junk that has been on repeat in the cacophony going on behind this pretty face of mine. random-random-31108109-500-502

  1. Every time I see someone yawning on television I find myself yawning. Coughing has the same affect on me…it’s almost like a subliminal message to my body. “Hey! You there! Yes you on the couch! You look too awake and too healthy…you need a healthy dose of yawning and coughing!”
  2. Hashtags might be the best invention since sliced bread! #ishityounot #dorkalert Ida and I have become so obsessed with this social media sensation that we literally talk in hashtags now, anywhere from verbal conversations to Twitter to text messages. Wherever we can insert that little pound sign the better. (e.g., #letsgettogetherforrealtalk, #youaretoofunny, #wearetotalnerds, #peoplearejustjealousofourwittyhashtagging, etc.) hashtag_1
  3. I find it really strange that when I post certain pictures on my Facebook that I don’t think are particularly noteworthy, they end up getting a ton of likes. I mean, it was just a salad people! Haha!
  4. I love eating raw cookie dough…even with the risk involved. Hey, I like to live on the edge!
  5. I sing along to commercials.
  6. John Green is the master of making tissues disappear. If you don’t believe me, go read The Fault in Our Stars or Looking For Alaska and watch your kleenex go *poof*
  7. My awesomeness is intimidating. Who knew?
  9. This season of The Voice is already my absolute favorite one! The judging panel is fantastic and I especially love how Shakira seems to fit in so easily as just one of the guys but is still super feminine and hot. Usher is also my favorite ex-boyfriend! 😀 Final thought on this is that Judith Hill is the one to beat…she is insanely amazing! Like a young Chaka Khan! Watch. It.
  10. Comcast’s customer service representatives are overly polite. I mean, this may not bother anyone else but it is extremely annoying to me. All they do is smother me with pleasantries as they try to skirt around my questions. Bleh!
  11. Mirena commercials, where the child is constantly making a mess and the mom is just laughing it off as the voice over woman talks about not being ready for another child, is a total contradiction. Seriously, that mother would have already put that kid in timeout and curled up in a ball of stress over having to clean all over again.
  12. Speaking of commercials, the AT&T ones for doing two things at once are absolutely hilarious! My favorite being where this little boy is waving while shaking his head and the guy is so into it that when a little girl tries to get his attention he says, “Hold on, I’m watching this!” HAHA!

(See below for both commercials. :))

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little outburst of insane randomness that I previously dubbed “brilliant!” It’s been my absolute pleasure in providing you with a little glimpse into my crazy mind today…or as Ida would say…my CRAY CRAY mind! Go visit her blog here, and get her motivated into becoming a more regular blogger and feel free to leave some of your own randomness right here, in the comments section! 😀


4 thoughts on “Brilliant randomness…

  1. sassypanties says:

    My daughter loves the little girl that talks about being a Werewolf.

    Also – I’m pretty glad I stopped by to read you and honestly and sincerely promise to do so more often and leave comments – because I’m a comment whore – and something tells me that you are two! #twopeasinapod


    • Krystal says:

      Hey, thanks for the comment! I’d definitely qualify for the title comment whore too…#twopeasinapod for real! 😉 The werewolf one is funny too, they all are. Look forward to your future comments!!


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