Embracing your inner (or outer) nerd!

c0a34b40810a11e2a8e322000a9f13d9_7My husband, who is more adorkably known as my nerd counterpart, is the sweetest guy. Seriously. I assure you that I am not just putting you on here, he really is sweet, kind of similar to chocolate fudge. You know the stuff that is made of pure sugar and rots your teeth just glancing it’s direction? Yep! That sweet, and no, I am not trying to brag, although I could if you’d like? Yeah, I figured you wouldn’t like that…so moving on. Matt is the kind of guy who would do anything to make me happy, or anyone else for that matter. He is a “pleaser.” Haha! That can be taken any way you’d like, but trust me, I did not intend for it to sound as dirty as it came out. Well…maybe a little, but, no, NO! I did not.

So, back to Matt’s sweetness…he is the mythical “good guy” that girls search for and he is the biggest dork I have ever met. From day one he never made me wait for a phone call or a text. He was up front about his feelings, although at first I did not feel the same way because I was still getting over someone else (but that is neither here nor there.) He’s the bashful type, which is cute and something I wasn’t used to after dating a bunch of A-holes. My friends and most of all, my mom, all liked him right away. That was big. Huge, even, because like I said, the prior selections were not the greatest. Plus my mom is hard to please when it comes to the people in my life, which is fine because I am the same way, so it makes sense. But this post, although it has begun as kind of a squishy love fest toward my hubby, is really not about him at all. Well, it is a little bit, but mostly because we are both nerds and that is what I wanted to talk about.

d14748de50f4663431cb68365f39d244-d48cyeh_thumbBeing a nerd used to be a negative thing back when I was in grade school but has now become kind of a posh thing, which, I don’t know about you, but I rather enjoy being referred to as one. Or a dork, that’s pretty cute too. My guy likes his nerdom or dorkdom as much as I do, it gives us our studious flair, that he has more of than I do given his glasses that I covet so much. I might be the only person on Earth who wishes they had bad vision just so I can wear black framed glasses and look all geektastic. I mean, that’s cute right? Imagine me, sitting at Barnes & Noble with my Macbook Pro, a stack of books, and a Starbucks coffee all in front of me while I am wearing a cozy sweater, skinny jeans, flip flops, and black framed eyeglasses (which is all pretty accurate to real life, aside from those sexy glasses). If only I had a pair of Ray-Bans or Burberry frames to sit on the bridge of my nose…it’d be adorbs right? I know, I know, it totally would and the image makes me jealous of my imaginary self. 😉 Ah, a girl can dream…and dream I do! After all, aside from being a total nerd, I am also a wife, a student, a reader, a writer, a stargazer, a professional dreamer, an amateur photographer, a dessert fanatic, a wanderlust sufferer, a rainbow chaser, and I always smell like Happy. Clinique Happy. (Did you get a little sense of Bond there? Did ya? Huh? Huh?)

So, anyway, to all of my dorks, nerds, geeks, dreamers, lovers of the odd and out of the “norm” things in life, and all quirky individuals out there in bloggerville and beyond…No two people are exactly alike and we all must embrace who we are. I hope you always embrace your YOUness as much as I do because we are the new “in” thing to be, which is awesome! And even when this “trend” in our awesomeness comes to a screeching halt for the next big thing, just know that you still rock! Nerd on my friends and as a fellow adorkable person says, “Be kind to one another – Ellen DeGeneres” womens-adorkable-dr-seuss-tshirt-logo-hr


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