Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical


Photo on 3-31-13 at 12.01 AM #2Today I went and saw the Broadway musical, Jekyll & Hyde…well it’s soon to be on Constantine+Maroulis+Bring+Musical+Broadway+1KkZtXgSdk4lBroadway. From what I read on their tweet’s, it is headed there in April after this current tour they’re on, which makes sense since I am a long ways away from NYC and that bustling street called Broadway. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, how I long to be there, though. In my favorite, noisy, always open, big apple. But anyway, I am losing my focus here…as per usual. The play stars one of the best American Idol contestant’s ever, who didn’t end up winning the show but won a stellar career as a result. (The best of them usually do, right?) His name is Constantine Maroulis, maybe you’ve heard of him? Or perhaps you know him better as that smoking hot, Bohemian Rhapsody singing (or My Funny Valentine, for those of you who prefer his softer side), rocker dude on season 4? Haha! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m assuming that his first name alone is enough to clue you all in…not to mention the pictures I’ve included here.

tn-500_csc_0713So, back to the show, the leading lady was Deborah Cox, who my mom and I had never heard of prior to today, but apparently she’s kind of a big deal too. Now she’s an even bigger deal because we’ve had the pleasure of being moved by her voice, which is no small feat, I assure you. This chick can sing in that way that leaves goosebumps down your arms and sends a chill up your spine! The ensemble cast was spectacular as well…which might be an understatement for this show, really, because it just knocked my socks off (metaphorically speaking of course, I mean, this is Florida so I wore flip flops to the theater. Haha! Nice ones though, so don’t get the wrong idea.) It was truly fantastic, phenomenal, moving, powerful, beautiful, haunting, dreamy, sexy, sweet, funny, sad, violent, superb, and any other words that apply but are not coming to mind at the moment. 3.182795 Jekyll-and-hyde-photo-Constantine-Maroulis-deborah-cox-546x624Constantine is hotter than ever, too, and his vocals are sensational! Hey, there’s another word to add to the above list! So, the bottom line is this, if the show is in your area OR you happen to be in New York City at any time during its upcoming residence on Broadway, RUN, don’t walk or prance or skip or saunter, but RUN to see it. Just. Go. See. It. That’s a direct order, from me to you…and I promise, you won’t regret it! Constantine-with-Guitar


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