Wait, what was I supposed to be doing?

20130402-184809.jpgI am a procrastinator. Well, not always, but when it comes to school work or anything else that puts me on my computer, I become so erratic that I am shocked my head is still upon my neck. For the past hour I have been sitting here trying to focus on an assignment for my art class and I have tabbed over to Facebook, Goodreads, my iTunes library, and now I am here on my blog. Even outside of my computer, I have flipped through a few novels that I want to read but can’t decide which to choose first and I have also watched three episodes of Friends. This is quite problematic…before I know it the sun will be down and I will be staring at the clock wondering where my evening went.

However, it is all good fun, and why should we be in such a rush to do things anyway? I say, if it’s not hurting anyone then go for it! So, I quite often do just that, and while my time flies by in a rushing blur, at least I am doing things I like to do. 😀 2GSBB1FS8Q5BB_1A82TGQ_IL_L_LS

So, when I came over here to check out what my fellow bloggers were up to, I saw a post by one of my favorite bloggers and I clicked. Truth be told, the post caught my attention by the dainty, and quite pretty, teacups in the main image displayed in the Reader. The post can be found here, and it is about Afternoon Tea and whether too much of a good thing could actually end up being a bad thing. While I agree with that sentiment and other things she said, I couldn’t help wishing that we, here in America, had such customs like holding Afternoon Tea. Doesn’t that just sound lovely? It does to me, although I am one of only a few people whom I personally know that even likes drinking tea, but I’m sure we could make this into a coffee and cakes type of gathering, yes? It could be brilliant…but in true procrastinator fashion, while reading her post, a commercial for Windows 7 came on my television and the only reason why this commercial caught my attention (as I am 100% a Machead) is due to the song they use. It is by a band called Langhorne Slim & The Law, which I fell in love with about a month ago watching this very commercial, and it’s called The Way We Move. This song is so awesome that I am going to share it below, as I play it on repeat from my iTunes…and if your body doesn’t try to move, like mine always does, while listening to it, then you’re a robot…maybe you need to hit repeat!

…and while we’re speaking of procrastination, I am reminded of when my mom and I went to see Ellen DeGeneres on one of her comedy tours a few years ago. She is absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite comedian and so I was able to find this show on YouTube for you all to watch, which was entirely dedicated to procrastination and how we use our time. So, take the next hour and watch her show because their is no time like the present to start procrastinating…and if you say that you don’t have the time, just think about what tasks you were supposed to be doing before you started reading this post…now, continue on ignoring those things, the dogs bath can be finished tomorrow. Get your funny on! 😀

Be kind to one another – Ellen DeGeneres


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