A randomization to the blogger nation…

This is just another one of those randomly put together thought vomits that come to the never-ending clutter that is my mind. So, put on your big girl panties (or banana hammocks) and read on! πŸ˜€ leprosy-bushhog-god-donut-chicken-bucket-rubber-ducky

1. While I am obsessed with Pinterest…because it is undeniably awesome and my boards are so clean, organized, and flat out purrrrttttyyyy…it has given me a complex as of late. Has anyone else noticed how many gorgeous “hair tutorials” there are on this site for girls with thick hair?! I mean, everyday I see picture after picture of gorgeous, long, curly or straight, shiny, colorful locks and the various hairstyles they can do but when I try them it ends up looking like I am bald. Where is the love for us thin haired gals???

2. Indubitably is my new favorite word.

3. Having red hair has been great, truly! I’ve always dreamed of being a redhead, however, after about six months now my roots are peeking through and I am just not digging it anymore. I long for the days when I had light blonde tresses…*sigh*

4. Story of my life…although I am not sure why they’re spelling it this way. That is quite curious.Rottenecards_53528442_wtxywd9npf5. The movies on ABC Family have some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen…but their just so darn adorable! I just finished watching Lovestruck: The Musical and although it was shameful in it’s lack of Hollywood flair, it was still like a cotton candy love affair.

6. Goodreads makes me feel like a candy-coated-dreamer-living-in-a-fantasy when it comes to the books that I love. Here, in what I call “The Booklover’s Paradise,” all of us bookworms can rate and review the books we read and share those ratings with the community. The concept is genius and since joining a few years ago I have discovered that I am not alone in my love for reading, although I do find it highly unusual that I don’t know anyone in “real life” who loves books like this community does. Perhaps this website is my imaginary friend Milton with whom I lost touch years ago? Who knows? But what I do know is the users who are inspired to give reviews beyond their star ratings can be so brilliant and yet so cruel at times! *shudders*

7. I am soooooo excited for the Finding Dory movie to come out!!!! Best. Cartoon. Character. Ever! tumblr_lxe3rodk151qmlot8o1_500

8. How does magnetic poetry inspire you to write poetry? I could just open a dictionary and accomplish the same thing, no?

9. Smelling like a coconut makes me, well, smell like a coconut…and I loooooove it! πŸ˜€

10. While on a mini road trip this weekend, I went to a store called “Best of Everything” and while I did score some really cute jewelry, it wasn’t anything I couldn’t get at my local mall. The claim to have “everything” left me searching endlessly for a fluffy unicorn that they just didn’t have, although they did have some other really huge stuffed creatures. Shame on you store owners for lulling me into such false advertising! tumblr_mbfv25igfA1rfzqg9o1_500

11. Trader Joe’s rocks and I am soooo glad to have finally been able to go to one! I know it’s silly to be excited about a supermarket and not only that, but to drive two hours to shop there…but this place has some great things! It really is a SUPERmarket! Unfortunately, since I live so far away, I couldn’t buy the whole store very much so I got a few things for now. However, they are building one much closer to me this year, so there is hope for me yet!! πŸ˜€ 37e74feeaa3711e2b6c722000a9d0edd_7


4 thoughts on “A randomization to the blogger nation…

  1. The Guat says:

    First of all I am so psyched that there is another Finding Nemo movie, but now it’s called Finding Dory. Very awesome. Ellen rocks, and I was totally cracking up at that fluffy unicorn bit. Ha! That scene at the amusement park is hilarious. Fluffy unicorn. We watch Despicable Me at least every other month for “movie night.” Sooooooooo glad you were able to finally go to Trader Joe’s and NO it is not silly to get excited about going to the supermarket, not when it’s TJs. πŸ™‚


    • Krystal says:

      Haha! Glad you picked up on the Despicable Me reference/image. πŸ™‚ That’s my favorite part of the movie. It’s hilarious. I’m so glad to have finally gone to TJ’s!! My excitement still hasn’t worn off either, especially since everything I bought rocks!! Can’t wait to go back.


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