The long, endless life of American Idol…

americanidol2Okay, so this was the best show on television…in 2002! It produced my favorite singer, Kelly Clarkson, that first season and continued to produce some great talent for many seasons after, many of which didn’t even win the show! People like Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry and our current reigning Idol, Phillip Phillips, to name a few.

I mean, I get it. The platform is the biggest in the country, or it was until a little show, called The Voice, swept across it like a hurricane and knocked Idol back on its haunches. Now, with such fiercely murdering competition, AI doesn’t stand a chance at bringing up their ratings with another season. As it is, this might be their lowest ranking season to date and they think it is due to the judges! There has even been talk about replacing Mariah Carey with Jennifer Lopez in order to save it but the reality is, they can no longer depend on guest appearances and famous judges to bulk up ratings! Although I know they think they hit the jackpot last week with Paula Abdul gracing the stage…I’m shocked that didn’t catapult the show right into the garbage “high ratings club.” Perhaps America wasn’t as repulsed moved by Paula’s appearance as I was? That’s really such a shame considering her shitty glamorous career. ostrich-headThe show has been gasping for breath in the vast ocean of talent shows that are proving to be far superior and are growing larger with every passing season. It’s time for Idol to gracefully bow out and leave with some dignity, while they still can.

Having said all of that though, I must admit that the current season has been pretty entertaining. I love that the final four is made up of all females and that they can all rock the mic like an Idol should. We have Amber who is a young Whitney Houston, Kree who is a country girl with blues in her heart and twang in her soul, Angie who plays the piano like a boss and writes songs that will launch her career into superstardom, and Candice whose voice brings the power of a semi barreling down the street. But even with all of that going for Idol right now, I am still feeling lackluster every week. Originally I had high hopes for the new judges and over the weeks I have even warmed up to Nicki Minaj, who I hated prior, but it just hasn’t been enough. Mariah Carey, who I thought would be the biggest asset to the show, is driving me up a wall! With her endless ramblings, confusing critiques (“That was hashtag POW!”), and some strange “British lady meets 40’s glamazon” accent (“Daaaarrrrllling”), which further proves why her acting career never took off, it is enough to make you want to smack the TV. In addition to her jumbled thoughts, her arms flail about as if she is trying to orchestrate a symphony. While I fully recognize this woman as a diva, and rightfully so (I’m also a huge fan of her early music), she is an idiot when it comes to expressing her thoughts, much like her husband, who I want to run over with my car every time he opens his stupid mouth, but that’s a rant for a whole different post. Mariah’s presence saddens me BUT she is still better than Christina Aguilera on The Voice, who I adore as a singer but cannot stomach as a person, so that’s something. Shakira has been a Godsend to that show and I hope the ratings go up so much that they keep her on permanently, but again, this is stuff for another post.american-idol-the-voiceidol_voice_a_l

The bottom line is, nobody likes a corpse lying around, especially once it begins to fester and rot before your eyes, so I beseech you, Idol producers, please make this 12th season your swan song!

Go out with a bang…and pull that damn plug!american_idol_headstone1

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3 thoughts on “The long, endless life of American Idol…

  1. Violet says:

    As I absolutely LOVE this post, I don’t get the tombstone. Shouldn’t it be 2002 to 2013? This post belongs in the newspaper. All of the other idiots who have a job writing about Idol have no clue what is going on. Their critiques are mild and every once in awhile they think that they hit someone hard and think that it’s great. You have this show spot on. Mariah is a Diva, I bow to her for that. She doesn’t have communication skills though. Maybe she should take lessons from that guy on So You Think You Can Dance (the one who came out with “Thats Buck!”)……


    • Krystal says:

      I think the tombstone is possibly referring to the show dying after Simon left. His last season was in 2010 so the show would have died that new season of 2011. However, since I didn’t make the image, I can only guess about its intention, but I found it funny and fitting for my topic. 😀 The guy you mentioned from SYTYCD is Little C…and you know how he annoys me as well! HAHA! BUT you’re right, he can definitely choose his words better than MC can!


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