It’s all Greek to me!

Yogurtvariety1I am a major yogurt fan, especially when it is of the Greek variety, but lately the options for yogurt have become as cumbersome as choosing a toothpaste. I mean, the options are endless to keep our pearly whites, well, white. You have your basic brands like Crest and Colgate, plus a bunch of brands that aren’t as well known like Tom’s of Maine. BUT that is hardly the limits of choosing a toothpaste. Not even close, because each brand has their own competition within itself for the “best” one for you! The yogurt aisle is exactly like that with the variations of fruit on the bottom, in a tube for “on the go slurping,” mix-ins, and etc. all being offered by the same brands against themselves and each other. Greek yogurt is just now starting down the same path as it grows in popularity and is becoming such an overwhelming force in the dairy aisle that it’s a wonder how any of us ever leave the store at all!

20090824-yogurt-groupYou have Chobani, Fage, Dannon, Yoplait, and a plethora of others that I have yet to even try. These brands, however, have gotten past my lips and I definitely have my favorites thus far:

  1. Dannon Oikos, both the “traditional” and the “fruit on the bottom” varieties. Admittedly, I got sucked into this brand by the enticing commercials where John Stamos makes this yogurt sexy, but that passed once I tasted it, or did it? 😉 My favorite flavors so far are: blueberry, strawberry banana, blackberry, raspberry, and cafe latte. These are thick and creamy with a slight tang to them and the “fruit on the bottom” ones are best when stirred completely. I love the texture and flavors they offer and the price is great too! PLUS they keep you feeling full for a long time so they are a satisfying breakfast or snack!
  2. Fage is my second favorite Greek yogurt brand, however, this one is very tart without the added fruit or other sweeteners like honey included. I like the ones that have the little fruit/honey cups attached so that you can mix in as much or as little as you wish based upon your taste preferences. This brand suggests that you don’t sitr it because it is perfect the way it is, and it really is, but for people who aren’t too keen on that bite from plain yogurt, stirring the fruit/honey in well first might be your best option. Fage is very thick, probably the thickest and creamiest on the market for a Greek and it doesn’t have any junk in it but the price tag is usually pretty hefty for a yogurt. This one, like the Oikos, is pretty filling.

tumblr_m7og3gqUXq1r0nhs9o1_1280The other brands I named offer up decent Greek yogurts also, however, I am not really impressed by their tastes or textures like I am with the aforementioned brands. Upon further research into the ever-growing world of Greek yogurt offerings, I have also uncovered that Fage seems to be the fan favorite among yogurtholics. Chobani, Yoplait, and Dannon have pretty good fan bases too, although plenty of people have kicked them in the nuts, but they aren’t nearly as high as the Fage fan base and I have since learned not to mess around with people and their Greek yogurt! Haha! I stand by my choices though and someday maybe I’ll try the other brands out there too but for now, I will envision John Stamos with every creamy, dreamy bite of my beloved Oikos!

So, what’s your favorite Greek??


One thought on “It’s all Greek to me!

  1. Violet says:

    As I love Greek yogurts too and I’ve yet to try your favorite John Stamos style yogurt, I happened across this very creamy yummy yogurt DREAMING COW…it is a New Zealand Style Artisan Yogurt (whatever that all natural. Honey Pear is very good. I am trying Maple Ginger today.


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