After the rain…

When people hear that I live in south Florida they automatically envision people lazing around on the beach all day under endless sunshine and bright blue skies and part of that is true. However, even though we literally have summer all year round, it is during the real summer months that we enter hurricane season. It is rainy with dark, angry clouds hanging over our heads like big grey water balloons but the rain doesn’t usually last very long. It could be pouring on one side of the street with bright blue skies on the other side and before you know it the clouds go away again. Our weather is finicky that way.

Florida is not my favorite place in the world, I am a New England girl all the way where seasons are real, but sometimes living here has its beautiful moments. Some of which come after the rain, before that blue, sunshiny sky reappears. Those are the times when rainbows appear and all you can do is stare in wonder at how gorgeous nature can be. The other night when I was out with my mom we saw a really beauty after we got drenched running to the car in the rain. It kind of made up for the soggy hair, clingy-wet clothes, and squishy flip flops….kind of. 😉 1003675_10151713346498265_1597495693_n


One thought on “After the rain…

  1. Violet says:

    A beauty it is and rainbows sure are a reminder of how beautiful mother nature really can be. It changes ones mood in a second. And they only come into your sight when yo least expect it.


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