Saturday night in…

Sometimes you just need to be all by yourself with a nice steaming mug of tea (with honey please) and a good movie on the tube. Tonight is one of those nights for me, especially because it has been just so icky out all day. Since this morning it has been raining nonstop which makes it the perfect type of weather for cuddling up with good reads and movies.

So, on tonight’s agenda, since my honey is working, I am sipping on Tazo Awake black tea with a bit of Sue Bee honey drizzled inside. The movies I am watching are “Sex & the City: Number One” and “Because I Said So”…and I have probably seen both well over any normal amount of time for a person to view a movie, but I don’t care. I like what I like, no apologies.

I’m also looking forward to tomorrow and Monday, my date days/nights with my guy…we’re going to see The Lone Ranger and are having taco night tomorrow which is always exciting! Fun times! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I know I am, especially with these lovely gals (who I like to fantasize are my BFF’s…I mean, I could squeeze right in there between Carrie and Miranda, right? lol) 😀 Anyway, let me get back to my movie…goodnight!



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