This makes 200!

200thpostHey bloggers…guess what today is? Well, yes, it is Saturday BUT it is also the day that I am posting my 200th blog post! I know, I didn’t believe it either but I assure you, it is true! I bet you’re all just jumping around and planning the decorations for my party…so, hold tight, this will be short and then you can get back to the festivities. 😀

When I started this blog I was unsure as to where it would take me, and admittedly I am still unsure where it is going after all of this time but I have loved every second of it. Cyber-meeting all of my lovely readers and getting to read their stuff as well has made my blogging experience totally amazing. I can only hope that the next 200 posts bring me as much enjoyment as these past ones have.

So, on that note, let’s get back to business…HAPPY BLOGGING EVERYONE and thank you so much for helping me along this journey! 200 Posts


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