Randomly thought out silliness

So, after I got over the utter shock of making it to my 200th post (yay!) I realized that I can’t let the train stop now. I must chug along and get back into the flow of my blogging goodness. Hence, this new post that is sure to be filled with my uber cool thoughts on the random crap in my daily life. Are you excited? Hey! You could at least pretend to be for my benefit! 😉 IMG_2110

1. I recently toyed with the idea of becoming a vegetarian. It wasn’t for any particular reason other than to someday say that I tried (and failed) to become a vegetarian. So anyway, I was walking through the grocery store last weekend and the veggies and fruits all looked so yummy. I mean yummy to the point that I actually stood there envisioning what kind of bliss it would be like to live on just those delectable munchies (and I ended up seeing myself laying on a beach eating a banana while wearing a fruit made hat…think Carmen Miranda.) It wasn’t until someone rudely started inching their cart past me and totally jostled me out of my reverie that I recalled where I was and proceeded to put several bushels of bananas (is that what groups of bananas are?) into my cart. I proceeded to carry on through the store, delighted in my new banana diet, when I passed the steak section and something odd happened. Those steaks spoke to me! They said, “Hey girl, you know you want our delicious meat in that mouth!” to which I replied, “That’s what HE said!” and we all had a good laugh as I traded my banana dreams for that of a juicy steak. Sorry vegetarians but this girl is a carnivore.

2. McDonald’s recently put out little minion toys with their “happy” meals in honor of the Despicable Me 2 release. This made me happy because I love those damn creatures soooooo much that just the sight of their little yellow faces makes me chuckle, but it also made me kind of upset because it meant that I’d have to buy a bunch of horrible food in order to get my little guys. However, my sadness was short lived because my hubby is a genius! He just went in and asked if he could buy just the toy AND guess what?! You absolutely can! So here is my collection and they literally bring joy to my life everyday so I guess the golden arched “restaurant” finally did something right. 6cccefd4ea6a11e29d7522000aaa07cd_7

3. Lately I have been watching HSN (and for you people not in the know, that stands for Home Shopping Network.) I have no clue why I’ve been tuning in to this vapid programming but that is irrelevant. This morning I realized, while watching over 7,000 people purchase the ugliest bracelet in the world, that this is where people are spending their money now. I mean, everyone claims that because our economy has fallen that is why people don’t shop as much anymore BUT that hasn’t put a damper on HSN’s sales! Perhaps what really happened when our economy fell was that people got lazy and figured, “why should I leave the house anymore to do anything?” and voila! HSN is at your service!

4. I am becoming convinced that sunscreen, regardless of brand or SPF, is a crock of shit. That or it just goes on vacation whenever I try to use it.

5. Some people are just so bizarre all the time sometimes. I mean, what’s up with that?

6.What a very clever horse. 993957_686468044702062_1378610974_n7. Gordon Ramsay just taught me how to properly cook a steak in a pan…that dude is bloody brilliant! Best. Steak. Of. My. Life.

8.Having said that…I am completely obsessed with Masterchef and the THREE judges on there! It has gotten to the point where my husband and I actually pretend we are either Gordon, Joe, or Graham while we are sampling food. (Sad.)

9. The container store (which surprisingly has a lot more than just containers) is not all it’s boxed up to be. The cashier literally congratulated me on it being my first time shopping there (which totally put me off because, I mean, who does that if I didn’t win anything?!) and then proceeded to ask me how I enjoyed looking at their thousands of items. All I could think of was that IKEA would’ve been a better choice.

10. Trader Joe’s is FINALLY coming to my area!!!! They are building one in my current city AND in the two cities north of me! Are you jumping up and down, clapping and screaming “Hercules Hercules” too? Oh, I’m not either.

11. Can DJ and Aunt Becky look any better?! My goodness, they even look the same age now! Have Mercy! lol LORICANDACE copy

12. I traded in my iPhone 4 and got the 5, FINALLY!! AT&T was offering a deal where if you trade in your old smartphone then they’d give you half off the new phone. That’s sweet and I was more than happy to take them up on that offer. My new baby is white and spectacular! I LOVE IT!

13. Here is a video of the most hysterical thing I have had the pleasure of viewing in a longgggg time! I laughed so hard the first time watching it that I literally spit all over my shirt! (Yep, I’m sexy and I know it.) Watch it…NOW! You won’t be sorry! A little tip for you in case you’re dumb enough to think a habanero pepper is a cherry (because there are tons of videos of morons doing just that on youtube)…milk is DEFINITELY a good idea…NEVER DRINK SODA!! 😀

Well, my dear readers, this concludes our time together. Be sure to collect all of your belongings and watch your step as you depart the train. Thank you for traveling Krystal railroad. Ciao for now!


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