A whirlwind of thoughts…

Hey there bloggerville! I know it’s been a while since I last posted on here but fall term just began and, well, any student knows how hectic that can be. Anyway, what better way is there to get back into the saddle than to go all random? Exactly, there isn’t a better way…so here is a jumbled mess from my whacky mind straight to yours. Feel free to comment any of your own randomness OR provide feedback to mine and as always, let’s strive to be kind to one another. 😀

1. Seriously. Throw in some kind of minor injury, like stubbing a toe or slipping down the stairs, and that’s me in a nutshell. I’m like a friggin’ ninja!random-funny-pictures-dumpaday-332. Dexter is ending…forever. #uglycrying Don’t leave me!!

3. Laughing is the best medicine…so they say, whoever “they” are. But for the most part I’d agree that laughter is definitely a med I’m not afraid to be addicted to. 😀 Anyway, the absolute best way to guarantee some true falling-off-the-couch-in-a-fit-of-laughter moments is by tuning in to Impractical Jokers. Watch it NOW…and burn some calories (but maybe wear some safety padding in case you really do fall off your couch…my arm still hurts.)

4. High fives are subjective but not as subjective as art. Art is the most subjective thing in the world. Can I get a high five on that? No? Well, I figured it was worth a shot. internet-high-five

5. Everybody has been going all batshit (pun intended) crazy over the news that Ben2013-08-25-BATFLECK Affleck is going to be the new Batman in the upcoming Superman sequel and while I have some reservations about this idea, (only because his prior roles haven’t really dabbled too much into the comic zone aside from Daredevil, but I don’t even really count that) I think there is some potential there. So, in the midst of all the Ben hating, I saw this tweet from Kevin Smith, who if you know him, is a super fan of Batman so of course I had to take this tweet seriously, right? Right. So anyway, the tweet was finally positive feedback on this idea and I was stoked to see it (err, hear it?) Smith knows his shit about the dark knight that is Bruce Wayne and his kudos for this role, of his friend Ben, pleased me. Of course I am still on the fence about this idea BUT I know sure as shit that when the time comes I. Will. Be. There. #batmanfanforlife #badasschickslovethebatman

6. Oreo has hit the jackpot with their marketing team. The commercials are truly inspired. Get lost in the wonderfilled yummyliciousness of it all…and don’t forget the milk! It is America’s favorite dunkable cookie after all.

7.My damn bathroom is soaked…thanks a lot Neutrogena! 1239001_804297589597457_1293836861_n

8. Speaking of commercials, what is with the Laughing Cow cheese ones? I’m not convinced that cows truly laugh. Granted, they might sing and dance in the shower (click here for proof) but laughing? Really? I just don’t buy it…but the cheese, yeah I definitely buy that. Mmmm

9. Goodnight Moon is the best children’s book ever…although my mom would argue (and probably will in the comments) that Mr. Pine’s Purple House is the best. She’d be right about that too. Who am I to argue with my mother? 😀

9. I mean…tumblr_mh36yvXpzV1qjqlw2o1_50010. My friend loves to call Facebook the devil…and she may be on to something. So, I said…”Devil went down to Florida, he was looking for a soul to steal. He was in a bind cause he was way behind, he said “Hey Facebook, let’s make a deal.” I bet y’all can hear it now, yeah? Whatever…she gets me even if you don’t! Pfft!

11. It’s true…they will suck the life right outta you! Chocolate is like laughter, the best medicine. chocolate-dwebs-funny-harry-potter-true-Favim.com-50784Well, that’s all folks! Have a lovely day and keep out of trouble…well, mostly.


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