Have yourself a random little Christmas…

weird-christmas-7‘Tis the season for twinkly lights, hot cocoa, roasting marshmallows by the fire, building snowmen and having snowball fights…but most of all, it is about being with our loved ones. So, with all of your holiday jubilation going on, I figured that Christmas just wouldn’t be right without a little helping of my randomness. I mean, I’m sure jolly old St. Nick will still come for the milk and cookies even if I were to stay quiet but you know the season just needs a sprinkling of me. Right? Right! So here are some holiday thoughts mixed in with a few others that truly have nothing to do with the holidays at all…and as always, please feel free to contribute your own thoughts in the comment section below. ๐Ÿ˜€ random-acts-of-christmas-limelifephoto-limelife-photography-becky-and-jesse-mrslimelife-mrlimelife-christmas-cheer-2

As you all know, I live in Florida, which seems to be the envy of way too many people, but that’s hardly the point. Living here has its perks with things like being barefoot, a lot, which is my FAVORITE thing to be, but the negative aspects of this state far outweigh the ability to pad around sans shoes. For example, it is December 10th and the predicted weather for today is 82 degrees! I mean, come on mother nature, get your act together! This just isn’t fair at all!

So during these sweltering days, I wanted to thank WordPress for bringing me some winter cheer with their annual snow flurries on my blog! ๐Ÿ˜€


Do any of you know why people are going crazy over wedge salads? I mean, it’s a hunk of the cheapest shit you can buy iceberg lettuce and is accompanied by a cha-ching sound as your eyes scan over the price listed on the menu. You sit there and think to yourself, “Wait a minute, isn’t an entire head of iceberg only about a buck at the grocery store?” Yep, it is indeed! I’m telling you, the next thing we’ll see will be restaurants making patrons cook for themselves and charging exorbitant prices for that service (ahem, The Melting Pot.)


The newest craze that I am actually crazy about is a little app called Bitstrips! It’s a super fun way to procrastinate…and I just know that my holiday comic at the end of this post will inspire you to go and make hundreds one of your own!

I am a dork, as I’ve already shown you here. I embrace this dorkdom with every fiber of my being because, well, being boring is a fate I’d never want for myself. So, having said that, I’ve become obsessed with creating my own rubber band ball and not just creating it, but aspiring to make it the biggest one ever. Seriously. It began with a handful of bands that I twisted together to create a mini ball (think dime size) and over time it has become the image below. The future of my R.B.B. is going to be epic!935612_10152310061303265_157794485_n

Bailey’s Irish Cream is just so creamy and delicious, especially during the holidays. I keep having thoughts of what it might be like to mix it with butterbeer. MmmMMMmmmm!

Starbucks makes the cutest ornaments and this years fully customizable one is their best yet! I’m still deciding what I want to paint on it…or if I would rather keep it white and pretty. Decisions, decisions!

My moms job sends out books to all of their clients every Christmas and two years ago they asked me to wrap them, all 300 of them. This was my third year wrapping the books and this time they doubled the money that they usually pay me…which is friggin’ sweet!! It’s really nice to be rewarded for doing a great job! ๐Ÿ˜€ 1486697_10152093732740559_1257547163_n

I just found out that a Minions movie is coming out in 2015! You know those ADORABLE little yellow guys from the Despicable Me movies? I. Am. OBSESSED!


Kelly Clarkson (my favorite singer in the whole world…with Adele right there next to her) just released her first Christmas Album and it is AMAZEBALLS! Not surprising considering she is the absolute BEST…so, if you don’t have it – change that! Get Wrapped In Red!

My bunny being his super adorable self…IMG_3672

Speaking of being thankful, I am truly thankful for music, and not just any music but rather music that touches deep within. Here’s a flash mob that is unlike any I’ve ever seen and it is by far the most incredible one too, in my opinion. Watch how the children are touched by this profound thing that is happening. Beautiful.

and on that note… 551413_10152326393513265_801412339_n


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