Blogging into a new year…

new-year-chapter-oneIt’s a new year and there is much chatter of resolutions in the air. Everyone comes up with them, myself included, because the feeling of that fresh start is just too hard to resist. So we make lists with things like losing those holiday pounds, meeting new people, focusing on our passions and trying to turn them into our careers, eating better, loving more, fighting less, building stronger bonds with our loved ones, or removing toxic things that are no longer in our best interest. While these are definitely things we should strive to do, the fact of the matter is that we rarely stick to our resolutions, no matter what they are. These lists end up getting tossed away because that ice cream we vowed to give up has dripped all over it in our haste to consume the entire gallon. We then beat ourselves up and lose our motivation. Then before we know it, that ball is dropping again and we haven’t accomplished anything.

Life-Is-Happening-NowBUT there is a silver lining here and that is our ability to start again and again. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up if our resolutions fail because that never makes us failures, it just means that we have to hit our reset button, which sucks but it’s not the end of the world. I feel that we shouldn’t do things just because it is a new year, instead we should make changes to our lives on any day that we’re inspired to do so, and if that day happens to be January 1st, then so be it, but to wait around for that one day is just silly. Resolutions don’t depend on the day, time, or year, because both success and failure will happen whether that ball drops or not. That’s how life works.

However, having said that, I totally get the appeal of January 1st and that organized “Resolutions List.” It is pretty and full of hope, which is exactly what it should be. It signifies a fresh start for all of the things in our lives that we’ve been neglecting to do and gives them the appeal of a new beginning, so, by all means, go for that fresh start but keep in mind that each day is filled with 24 hours and how we use them is up to blogus. Life may feel short because time seems to be flying by while we’re having fun, but it really isn’t short at all. Life is the longest, most time consuming thing we will ever do and how we choose to live this life is up to us. Goals are meant to motivate us but as with all things in life, there is also the chance that we won’t meet our own deadlines and that is okay as long as your life makes you happy. If you fall then get back up and stay the course. Love your life, even prior to the changes you’re working toward because happiness is the only way to succeed and to stay motivated. No one else can make our resolutions a reality, only the work we put into these goals can change anything and having a great support system is something that I find to be vitally important as well. Surround yourself with people who make you feel beautiful (or handsome), successful, smart, and altogether amazing…and be sure to do the same in kind.

e068bc9f886a2d85666f3b23681e5566In this new year I want us all to slow down, breathe, and enjoy every second of every day that we are here because no one else can make us happy but us, others can just help us to see what we may not be able to about ourselves. I hope that you all take stock of your every day decisions and stop waiting around for that once a year “reset button” we lovingly celebrate with frivolity and booze filled kisses at midnight. It’s a great idea to wipe that slate clean on the first day of the new year but any day of our choosing can be a fresh beginning, you just have to choose.

So, here’s wishing us all good luck and remember, if you hit any road blocks along the way, keep on trucking. Have a joyous New Year!


5 thoughts on “Blogging into a new year…

  1. says:

    So well said!! Positive reinforcements, and keep those dreams alive. Beautifully written!!! Great Blog!!! Love it!!


  2. The Guat says:

    Dude totally agree with you. It does suck to hit the “reset” button, but it happens. When I want to keep my self-improvement projects going but feel uninspired I turn to movies or TV to help me out. Just finished Friday Night Lights last this week and it totally gave me that extra umph! to keep the New Year rolling 🙂 Great images too, I love the typewriter one 🙂


    • Krystal says:

      Thanks Guat…I do the same thing with movies and tv, books too. I just saw Friday Night Lights was offered on my Netflix stream, I’ll have to check it out. 🙂


      • The Guat says:

        You totally NEED to 🙂 I binged watched all five seasons on Netflix over the holidays and just finished right after the New Year and it was awesomely inspiring. Put it on your list. Won’t be disappointed. Coach Taylor rocks as does Tami and Matt.


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