The life of a girl with chronic bitch face…

Earlier tonight, while scrolling through the annoying constant updates on my Facebook news feed, I came across a real gem of an article on a topic I am all too familiar with: Chronic Bitch Face. So, being a girl who loves to laugh, despite what people may think just because I don’t come with a marker drawn barbie smile across my face, I just HAD TO share some of the list of “Bitch Face Situations” that apply to me. For the full list click on the link below…and for those of you who are also affected by “BITCH FACE” know that you are not alone! Haha! 😀 Chronicles of a Girl With Chronic Bitch Face.

  1. You have to reassure your friends anywhere from five to 10 times a day that you are NOT mad at them. (OR ANYONE ELSE)
  2. You may feel totally content and happy, but you look like Kristen Stewart.
  3. You sometimes forget how mean you look and are confused when people avoid eye contact or look terrified to be around you.
  4. Your family constantly tells you smile, and you’re like, “I’m fucking happy, dammit.” (MY FAMILY DOESN’T DO THIS, BUT STRANGERS DO IT ALL THE TIME.)
  5. You get asked the same questions on a daily basis: ”Are you pissed about something?” “Are you sure you’re okay? You don’t look okay.” “Are you bored?” “Seriously, what’s wrong?”
  6. You have to respond to these questions, saying, “NOTHING IS WRONG. IT’S JUST MY FACE.”
  7. Your friends eventually open up to you and tell you they were intimidated by you the first few times they met you. You’ve gotten, “I thought you hated me” a solid 15 times.
  8. You generally give off an awful first impression.
  9. You have to tell people when you actually are pissed, because your angry face is pretty much identical to your resting face.
  10. In fact, if your face had a slogan, it would be “Get the hell away from me.”
  11. Your cheeks hurt from faking a smile the entire time during a conversation with a person you’ve just met, because you don’t want him or her automatically thinking that you’re a dick.
  12. Nicki Minaj is your spirit animal. (LMFAO!!! NOT REALLY BUT THIS ONE WAS TOO GOOD NOT TO INCLUDE IT!)
  13. People think you’re PMSing every day of the month.
  14. You look like you’re plotting a mass murder, when in reality you’re just wondering what’s for lunch.
  15. You’ve learned to own your bitch face, because you are awesome and anyone who sticks around through your misleading mask will see that. (DAMN RIGHT BITCHES!! 😀 )

…and for a bit more gut busting, spit all over yourself giggles, watch this video on resting bitch face:


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