Happy To Get Happier – Part Two

After months of silence, dear readers, I am back in the saddle. Here to delight your minds with my wicked cool thoughts. Things have been a bit busy with spring semester about to wrap up in a few weeks and the hubby and I just moved to a new apartment, YAY!! So writing has kind of taken a backseat, and that totally bummed me out but it had to be done. Sometimes these things happen but luckily (hopefully) you are all still out there in the blogosphere, lying in wait to read what I have to say again. 😀

If you read my previous post, (which I really hope you did) you know that this is a two part thing about increasing my inner happy-o-meter. So, because my last post was a bit serious and because I like to get silly quite often (could silliness ever be too often?), I figured that part two would be one of those fun randomized lists of things that have made my happy-o-meter go crazy with smiley-sunshiney-bliss lately…sooo, are ya ready? Good, let’s go! Be-Happy1. This song, which EVERYONE and their mother is listening to, and dancing to, and singing to, and clapping to…is one of the best things to hit the radio since peanut butter met chocolate and became a Reese’s. Pharrell is a fantabulous creature and he sure knows how to kick up his heels and have a good time, he’s even bold enough to wear a funky hat that oddly looks like it should have a face. Perhaps it should also sort him into Gryffindor? Anyway, here is a video for the song…and it’s not the original video because I think this one is much better. Mainly because the second reason for my happiness is heavily featured in it. 😀

2. By now you know that my second reason for happiness are the MINIONS from Despicable Me, where the Pharrell song actually came from (the second movie). But I am sure you knew that unless you’ve been living under a rock and have missed one of the best adult kid movies ever! I mean, the minions are so popular that they are even getting their own feature film coming out next year, so that is some serious fame. They are also my absolute FAVORITE color! Could they be anymore awesome? (Did anyone else hear Chandler’s voice saying that?)

3. What could be happier then an app called Happier?! NOTHING! Not even a camel on hump day could be happier than this news. I’m telling you, if you haven’t heard of it…look it up and download it to your phone now! RIGHT NOW DAMMIT! I give you permission to leave my blog for a minute to do this, but you must return before getting swept up in all the happy over there. Promise me! Oh, and you’re welcome for the introduction. I think you and Happier are about to begin a beautiful friendship.

4. MY HUBBY AND I MOVED TO A NEW APARTMENT LAST WEEK!!!!!! This life event makes me want to dance in the street wearing an ugly brown hat and clapping along because I feel like a room without a roof!

5. As a huge, HUGE, HUGEEEEEE, 24 fan, I am literally jumping up and down with anticipation for the return of Jack Bauer to my television screen next month! 24: Live Another Day is set to premiere on May 5th on FOX. I will be sitting front and center, ready for Jack and Chloe to take over London and set my heart on fire once more. BRING IT ON BABY!!!! WOOHOO!!! 1965021_10152725126978265_4661840606796122529_n6. The other day, while watching my new favorite comedy, About A Boy, the main character, Will, gave the boy, Marcus, his iPod to listen to during a scary movie. Will told Marcus to play song 17 on repeat so that he wouldn’t be scared by what he was watching anymore. The song ended up being Mmmbop by Hanson and let me tell you…I was seriously psyched to hear it! What a rush of nostalgia that was, and plus, it’s still so super catchy in that “we were a cute boy band with long hair and we didn’t care because you’ll still listen and sing along to our songs no matter what” kind of way. I mean, I loved them and still do…saying it loud and proud, right here folks! (Click their name above to listen for yourself, you know you want to. DOOOOOOO ITTTT!!!!)

7. 5523453546_5ff0950e7f_oI am less then three weeks away from graduating with my A.A. degree and I finally got my acceptance to University to begin my Bachelor’s courses in summer term! My degree in English with a minor in Photography is another step closer and it’s total awesome sauce! I’m so excited to start this new chapter at my new school, PLUS I am going to officially be an FAU OWL!

8. I currently have a very high B in my speech class, I’m talking 1.7 points away from an A, and I need a C to pass the class. Things are going unexpectedly well with this course, even considering how public speaking makes me want to vomit. (Don’t stand too close!) I have one speech left and a final exam to take and I will be completely finished! CAN’T WAIT!!!

9. This year we are going to get a dog…I’ve waited patiently for three years in our last shit hole apartment because it was too cramped and had a weird stairs situation. But in our new place, on the ground floor, I am done waiting. This is my year and getting the puppy I’ve been dreaming of for so long will make me delirious with happiness!

10. My mom got us a GORGEOUS sofa for our new place…it’s chocolate brown and looks good enough to eat, but I’ll refrain. Eh, maybe just a nibble…

Well, that’s all folks…I have shared the happiest things from the past months and weeks and days and hours and minutes and seconds. I hope you all have been doing equally well in life and now that the saddle is good and oiled, I’ll be posting on a more regular basis again. Yay! Stayed tuned…happy_day_by_toolkit04-d4gtpng


4 thoughts on “Happy To Get Happier – Part Two

  1. Violet says:

    I just had to SHARE this on my FB. What a great way to start ones morning. After such sad news this week, this was a great uplifting event to kick off my Friday and weekend to come. You SHINE my baby girl!


  2. The Guat says:

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. I am so happy that Jack is Back! That is definitely making the needle break off my happy-ometer. And Pharrell’s song is something we listen to every morning here. We saw it in the Despicable Me 2 movie months ago and my kids were jamming it in the theater. It helps to get things moving in the morning. It’s become our theme song 🙂 Glad your back and good to hear you’re moving on up to a B.A. pursuit … High five!


    • Krystal says:

      OMG I am so excited to “meet” another Bauer fan! Haha! People keep looking at me like I’m crazy for my excitement about it. They’re the crazy ones for not watching, I say! 😉 As for the song, I also heard it back when the film came out and thought it was so funny how it didn’t become popular on the radio until now. What took so long right? High five back at ya!


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