Crushing goals one day at a time!

believeAs of exactly 9 minutes ago, I submitted my final assignment for my public speaking course, which really means that I submitted my final assignment of my Associate’s degree! This was the last thing I had to do before grades are calculated for the term and the school changes my status from “Potential Term Graduate” to “GRADUATE!” I mean, I doubt they’ll put an exclamation point after the word but I think we can all agree that they should, right? 😀

Two years ago, when I chose to go back to college after already getting a degree in a field I hate, many people thought I was crazy. I was 28, jobless, and my new chosen path was met with snickers of those who thought it impossible for me to get into any type of creative field and was met with questions of whether I would be using this degree to teach by the others. For me, at the time and even more now, I think they are crazy for having thought that I should stay on a career path that makes me miserable or pursue something that just isn’t me. I am not a cookie cutter, there is no mold for a creative person. We don’t fit inside the lines others color within…we need space to breathe and branch out. This decision wasn’t made so that I could make a ton of money, it was made to bring happiness into my life and so far, goal accomplished! BOOM! The future would be unclear no matter what path I chose to take and I may never end up doing what I love most for a paycheck, but the very thought that I might is what keeps me going. Living for others only hinders possibilities and I truly do not have time for those kinds of road blocks.

May 13th is my first day at Florida Atlantic University, where I will begin my B.A. classes …finally getting on this road to my English degree with a minor in photography. YAY! I am so ready and super excited to get started but I’m also pretty freaked out about it. Starting new things, like a job or going to a new school, have always made my stomach flop about like a dolphin is inside, but that fear is always totally outshone by the happiness of it in the end, so it’s all good. Thumbs up, high fives, and all of that other junk. So, here I go, off to uncharted territory, with the wind in my hair and Captain Jack Sparrow putting me at the helm. I am ready to steer this ship into anything from still waters to choppy waves. Bring it on!1-01


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