Desire Mapping & Gal Crushes

154433_980Recently, while scrolling through my Happier news feed, I saw a friend post about desire mapping and it totally snagged my attention. And by snagging my attention, I mean that I instantly searched what this meant on Google and was then directed to the website of Danielle LaPorte. Little did I know then that this moment would turn into an instantaneous gal-crush and borderline obsession (in the healthiest way imaginable, if you can believe that) with this chick. It wasn’t sexual, it was intellectual. She had me at hello, so to speak, and then when I saw her quote: “Your true nature is luminous.” I just knew that I had found gold. I mean, isn’t that just beautiful?!

main-desire-bookAnyway, on her website she shares #truthbombs, which are short little sayings that pack a punch, and other delicious ways of thinking that I just could not resist knowing more about this. So, after looking at every single thing on her site and signing up for her emails, I went to Barnes & Noble. Once there I went straight to the self help section, which is totally friggin’ awesome for any of you who don’t know, and I pulled her book right off the shelf. I looked at it for a second and then promptly walked straight to the cafe, bought a coffee, and sat down to check this thing out. I knew before getting there that I was going to leave that store with this new treasure in tow, but I still love the feeling of sitting there, amongst other readers, getting excited by pages and pages of delicious words for me to devour.

Buying that book was an awesome decision and I am super excited to be reading it, and it’s yet another reason to love my Happier community too! This book is half guidance and half workbook and I can’t wait to get to the workbook section for my own desire mapping but bc986ea57ac5ac69082f0fb761d2b682for now, I am calmly resisting the urge to flip ahead and am instead just digesting her words. My obsession has become so strong that even my friend says I am a stalker, but I totally embrace that idea in this case, because by stalking Danielle I am essentially stalking my desires too. So do yourself a favor and check out her website, or find her on any social media platform you prefer…she’s on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and she has emails that can be sent to your inbox daily, weekly, and monthly (which I signed up for every option, of course). My favorite ones are the #TRUTHBOMBS, which have spoken to my life directly this past week, which is always a cool thing because it feels like someone else gets it. Stalk her openly, or privately if that sort of thing embarrasses you, but be sure to do something. She. Is. Awesome. Sauce!


4 thoughts on “Desire Mapping & Gal Crushes

  1. Violet says:

    Great read, such a happy and exciting moment on this page. I will be hooking up with her emails. Thanks Honey…you know WE are all about HAPPY


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