Do you wanna go to Starbucks?

If you’re like me, and the other gazillion people who are obsessed with the Disney movie, Frozen, then you’ve probably already seen a ton of youtube videos of people lip-syncing to the soundtrack. For example, the first videos I saw were these two: Good Looking Parents #1 and then this one: Good Looking Parents #2. Then I kept clicking, link after link of all the hilarious covers. Here are some more: Another good looking couple or Twin boys lip sync Love Is An Open Door or These two guys, who lip-sync the song as perfectly as the good looking parents do it. Totes believable here folks! If you didn’t just click on every single link, you’re missing out on some delicious giggles!

Anyway, back to the point of this post. A little earlier, while scrolling through my reader here on WordPress, I noticed that one of the gals I follow posted something to do with Frozen. Obviously I HAD to check it out and I am so glad that I did because not only was it about Frozen, it was also about Starbucks, which I am also obsessed…so, total score in the happiness zone right? RIGHT! Here is the video of a girl who didn’t lip-sync to a Frozen song but instead wrote a new one to go with drinking coffee…it is total awesome sauce! And yes, I am sitting here at 1:42AM, drinking my second cup of freshly brewed Starbucks Pike Place coffee while watching video after video of pure brilliance. So, do yourselves a favor and join me in this hilarity because insomnia never bothered us anyway!


2 thoughts on “Do you wanna go to Starbucks?

  1. Mommy says:

    That was of course the total Starbucks bomb for me……this is so incredibly creative and I love it so much that I had to get me Starbucks…………….


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