I’ve got chills, they’re multiplying…and I’m losing control!

It’s been three years. THREE YEARS without owning a coffee maker. Yes, I said THREE! My husband doesn’t drink coffee or tea, which drives me nuts because I’ve always had these fantasies of our future where we’d be sitting in adirondack chairs on a beautiful front porch, watching the sunrise as we sip on a freshly brewed cup of java. Sadly my dream will never come true, unless perhaps his mug is filled with hot chocolate, which just isn’t the same. Little marshmallows don’t quite fit into this vision, but I digress.

So, a couple of weeks ago, after moving into our adorable new apartment, my hubby and I were strolling through Target and BAM, he sees a beautiful coffee maker on the clearance shelf. Excited was an understatement here because first of all it was a Keurig Elite brewer, which is normally $109.99, but this beauty was marked down to $60! If that weren’t enough of a reason for me to snatch that sucker up, the awesome white color with silver accents sealed the deal! This thing was speaking to me…telling me to take her home and let her work her magic on my taste buds. And that’s precisely what I did.

It’s been the best purchase I’ve made in a long while too. I had no idea how much coffee I had been missing all of those years before. I mean, now, whenever I am inclined to have a cup o’ joe, I just turn that yummy-maker on, pop in a cup of my favorite brew (totally hooked on Starbucks Pike Place AND Barnie’s Café au Chocolat), pour in some water and press that beautiful lit up blue button depicting my desired cup size. Oh, wait a second, I forgot to mention the time it takes me to choose my mug of choice…because to be perfectly honest here, I am a bit of a mug obsessed kinda girl. Walk me into a Starbucks and I make a beeline for that display case full of new porcelain and plastic pretties. Of course I have mugs from elsewhere too, like a beauty from Serendipity in NYC and a Mad As A Hatter piece from Disney World, but my general collection consists of that feisty green siren and I am completely okay with that.

For me, drinking a cup of coffee at home begins with the mug you choose to put it in. If you don’t like your mug, how can you expect to enjoy what you put in it? I know that sounds a bit silly, but I assure you, it’s not. Don’t believe me, pour a tasty brew into an ugly, uncomfortable to hold mug and get back to me. 😉

So, now that I have the prettiest (and easiest to use) brewer around, I’ve been making cups of coffee round the clock and it has me giddy with delight (and probably a pretty serious caffeine high, too). Whether I am sitting here at my desk, typing up a blog or doing school work, or curled up on the couch with a good book or watching the tube…a steaming cup of that delightful brown liquid is at the ready. I totally see now what I’ve been missing these past years and I am so glad to be in creamy, steamy bliss.



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